Thursday, 2 June 2011

We're going camping!

That's right, we're away for the weekend in the Forest of Dean, in our trusty tent for 3 nights. We put it up in the front garden a couple of weeks ago to make sure it was all ok and here's a photo. Very blue, but happily with this season's orange. We may be considered trendy at the campsite, doubt it though! Eldest daughter has promised to cook us a fry up for breakfast one day - not sure how she's going to do it with a smallish frying pan on a camping stove but as long as I don't have to cook...

We have already packed the boot of the car and it all fits, just! I'm taking a book and my crochet, tea bags and wine. I am sure we will venture out and about at some point but I'm hoping the kids will make friends at the campsite and entertain themselves so us adults can get some R&R. I'm sure I'll take a few photos so I'll be back next week to let you know how we got on. Please don't rain...


  1. It looks so cosy, I envy you the weekend, it's getting so cold here now, a camping weekend would end in frost bite.

  2. I'd pack the same stuff as you. I don't go anywhere with out my hook. I remember one of the best ever breakfasts I have had was when I was 17 and I went camping with some buddies and we had a fry up in a little pan on a tiny camping stove...I'd have slept anywhere back then. I'm a right princess and the pea now!

    Hope you had a fabby time.