Friday, 30 July 2010

Work In Progress

Well, our trip to the wool shop was very enjoyable. We had a mooch around a few interiors/gift shops first and then went on to the main attraction. There were so many different types of wool to choose from (mostly way out of my price range unfortunately) but I managed to narrow the search down to some gorgeously soft and chunky aran wool (100% merino - so so soft). I restricted myself to two balls and decided I would make a cushion cover. I have chosen these colours as, when we eventually get round to decorating our lounge, we are going for a pale grey and smoky teal green colour scheme.

Of course, as soon as I got home I made a start and this is how far I have got - it is very quick to work as I have been using a 5mm crochet hook. It really is wonderful yarn to work with. I could be tempted to buy some more...

Please ignore the nasty 1980s work surface. Another job that needs doing - I am looking forward to the kitchen being ripped out!

After their busy week at the holiday club, my two girls are absolutely pooped. We have a day of lolloping on the sofa planned for tomorrow and then hopefully we will venture out on Sunday for a day trip, depending on the weather. Hope you all have wonderful weekends.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A week full of sewing

As my two girls are enjoying a week at a local summer holiday club, I decided to finish a few projects that have been sitting around for a while. I made this skirt a few months ago, using some upholstery linen from John Lewis. I know, I know, I will walk into someone's lounge one day and match the curtains/cushions! As the pattern was quick and easy to make, and fitted so well, I decided to make another one.

My Mum very kindly let me have a rummage through her collection of fabrics which she has accumulated over the years and I found a nice heavy weight cotton, which was perfect for an a-line skirt. I have called this my 70p skirt because the fabric was all free -I gave my Mum some dress material from my fabric stash in return and the lining fabric is actually an old bed sheet! I spent 50p on a zip in a charity shop which seems to specialise in all things sewing/craft related. I also spent 20p on the ribbon which is vintage (probably 1950s or 1960s) and I already had the button.

There's that cute button - I was wondering when he was going to make an appearance, although I thought he might have ended up on something for the kids, not something of mine.
Once I had finished the skirt, I decided to start on a summer dress for F. She seems to be outgrowing everything at the moment so I wanted to make sure she had at least one dress for our summer holiday in August. Mum had given me a couple of charity shop items of clothing that she had bought specifically for the fabric. The dress below was made from a 1980s style Laura Ashley skirt. There was plenty of fabric left over and I even snipped out a lovely red zip and the ribbons to hang the skirt up with - I am sure I will be using those on a future project.

The dress was quite quick and easy to make, especially as I laid the pattern pieces carefully on the skirt so that I incorporated the back seam and the hem - saved a little bit of time anyway. I already had the ric rac and the buttons so this little dress was completely free. F seems pleased with it - I'm just wondering whether to make a matching headscarf with the left over fabric.

I am hoping to be crocheting again very soon. I have completely run out of wool (shock horror) and have some on order which is needed to finish off my first ever granny square blanket. Whilst I am waiting for that to arrive, I have decided to take a trip to another local wool shop with my good friend Alison (from Gingercatcrafts). I wonder how much money we will spend....

Sunday, 18 July 2010

To all those who are (not) reading this, I have been thinking of starting a blog for a long time. My husband has told me to start one, as have friends, but it was only when my eldest daughter told me to (and helped me think of a name) that I decided to take the plunge. We have recently moved into a bungalow in need of a great deal of TLC. We have lots planned to bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Some decoration has already taken place but we are still living with the 1980s kitchen and original 1960s turquoise bathroom. I am hoping to keep you updated on the upcoming progress and will also be blogging about things I have made along the way. Please be gentle with me though - all this blogging technology is a bit beyond my capabilities at the mo, so there will be a lot of trial and error whilst I get into the swing of things! Wish me luck.