Monday, 13 June 2011


Puzzlewood - what can I say? If you are anywhere in the vicinity of the Forest of Dean, make sure you visit Puzzlewood. It is stunning (the photos do not do it justice) and has been used as a film location for Doctor Who and Merlin. Truly beautiful.

Just a short post today as I have some more ends to sew in - will show you the finished blanket in the next couple of days. x 


  1. Looks right up our street - love a wood.
    Yes - Ned is about 5 years old - how clever of you to age him from a photo! I think he's a Russian Horsefield type - not sure how big he'll get.
    Granny (recently moved in to our basement) LOVES him and buys mixed salad in bags for him! he's never had it so leaf from here on!
    fee x

  2. what a fabulous place, i must try to get there at some point...beautiful
    love the look of your blanket too :o)
    j x

  3. Do you know - I think it would. In fact I've just tried and it's very moreish.

    N x

  4. That does look like fun! And not remotely outdoorsy, but I'd stroll through there.


  5. We tried to visit puzzle wood at Easter, but were turned away because we had the dog with us - your photos make me want to try again, this time without Sybil. We ended up on the sculpture trail instead. Lovely blog, I will return!

  6. Looks beautiful. I grew up on the edge of the New Forest and would spend our summers walking/hiding/ building dens. Never been to the Forest of Dean but it looks magical. Thanks so much for your tip about Google Chrome - it worked!
    Sandra x

  7. Oh my. So glad I found this as I'm planning a visit and it's great to read how wondeful you found it.