Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Camping in the Forest of Dean

A post about camping with no photos of the tent - how did that happen? (Too busy having fun to think about taking photos of the tent set up.) Yes, we did indeed go camping and it was gloriously sunny and hot when we got to the campsite. Once the tent was up and all our camping gear laid out, we were so hot and bothered that we needed a rest in the shade and I even had an afternoon nap, which is unheard of! Can I just point out that when I say camping gear, I mean everything but the kitchen sink - we even acquired a tent carpet for this trip. Yes, I didn't know you could get tent carpets either but you can and we got one and it was very comfy under foot even though it was painful to look at - mint green tartan doesn't really go with bright blue and orange tent! We also watched some neighbouring campers pack up to go home and realised that they had packed light, only bringing the essentials and therefore getting packed and ready to go in super quick time. We glanced around at all our stuff and secretly wished we had left some of it behind after all!

The scrumptious photo is the breakfast that my eldest very kindly cooked for us on Saturday morning. She had some homework during half term, asking for her to find some instructions to make something, then try them out and see how easy they were to follow. As we were going camping, I suggested maybe she could follow the tent instructions or making a bacon buttie for breakfast instructions. (Did you see what I did there?!) Well, she chose full english breakfast and boy, was it good!
We went to the beautiful Forest of Dean, which we have visited several times before and we cannot go there without a trip to Newland. This church is sometimes known as the Cathedral of the Forest due to its size. It's absolutely stunning and has such a peaceful setting. And to add to its charm...
...this pub is bang opposite. When we told the kids that we were going back to the Forest of Dean (the last time we went was approx. 3 years ago) my youngest asked whether we were going back to the Ostrich. She remembered it for 2 reasons - the delicious food and Alfie the dog. As soon as we walked in, the dog came straight over to my youngest (I wonder if he remembered her - rather he just loves children) and curled up at her feet when we sat down at our table. So sweet. We had another fantastic meal there and I hope we will be going back again soon.

It was a rainy day so we decided to go to Clearwell Caves near Coleford. I have to admit that I'm not all that interested in caves but the information about the people who mined there for iron ore was fascinating. And guess what I found down the mines -
A crochet blanket - I don't actually know why it was in there, I was too busy trying to work out what stitch it was worked in!
Sorry for the close up - it looks fairly grubby and in desperate need of a wash, but I had to show you the v stitches. I'm not sure how it is worked but I think I might have to try it at some point. If anyone knows what stitch it is, please let me know.

We also went to a place called Puzzlewood but it deserves a post of its own. I took a fair few photos there so it will take some time picking the best ones so I don't bore you with ALL of my holiday snaps! 

Talking of crochet, must get the chevron out and do a few rows whilst watching the tv. x 

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  1. I feel I should admit at this point that I popped over here to see what was in the frying pan when it caught my eye in the side bar of unravelled!
    I spotted a fry up and jumped right sad is that!

    Anyway - I then decide I like your background, notice you have 3 tortoises and I'm in!

    Pleased to meet you. Pop over to mine (nice background too!) as today our tortoise has a new home I feel sure you'll like.
    fee x