Saturday, 18 June 2011

Garden chevron blanket - finished

 Finally, some sunshine arrived so I could take photos of this blanket. I finished it on Monday night - about 3 hours of sewing in ends over two nights whilst watching tv, so not bad going. After falling out of love with this blanket (because it was taking sooo long to make) and not being overly fussed about finishing it, I am now extremely happy with it. I folded it up and left it on the side for a few days without really looking at it but now I have taken these photos out in the sunshine (where it's going to be used) I'm relieved that I love it again. Doesn't it look great against the decking?
 Here's the original inspiration for the blanket - a Habitat cushion which will be used on the cane chairs outside (if we ever get any decent weather - it has rained twice since I took these photos an hour ago!).

And here is the yarn that I used - Rico Essentials Cotton DK at £1.50 per 50g ball. I would estimate that the blanket cost £25 to make. I have some yarn left over, not a lot, but maybe enough to make a cushion front or to make crocheted flowers in the future.

And I have already started on my next blanket ! That's right, I am a crochet machine!!! Will post next week with details. Must get that shawl finished too - not much more to do. Have a great rest of the weekend. x


  1. gosh it looks beautiful and looks fab with with your lovely cushion, the yarn looks great too, seems good value. must keep that in mind :o)
    j x

  2. It's lovely and you are clever I can't recall how many chevron patterned blankets I have started and abandoned as for some reason they don't like me and I definitely don't like them any more. I know it's me so I will try again another day..year. I love the fact the cushion inspired the blanket, the colours are crisp and oh so 50's.

  3. Oh I love it- but all those ends!!! It is great to see lovely bright colours...maybe it is because I am getting bored of my blues blanket!lol
    Well worth all that darning in

  4. I hope you don't mind if I give you this
    Little blog award in recognition of you being a fab blogger!

  5. So cheerful! Bet you're chuffed to bits. It's a colour explosion of crochet goodness. You enjoy!


  6. That's lovely! The colours are gorgeous and really remind me of an artist (though I can't for the life of me think who, at the moment). That yarn sounds like a complete bargain, was it nice to work with?
    Emily x

  7. it's so beautiful - very Missoni inspired!
    had my first crochet lesson today - already hooked. See what I did there...?

  8. beautiful blanket!! I love the colours you chose

  9. I love it! what a beautiful blanket. I have just finished a smaller baby ripple one, but this puts mine to shame :)