Tuesday, 1 October 2013


It seems like a lifetime ago that we were in Singapore but it's lovely looking back over a few of the photos, bringing back wonderful memories of a fantastic once in a lifetime holiday.
The above photo is of the 50 metre pool at the apartment block where my sister and brother in law live. We made the most of the pool due to the extreme humidity, it was very refreshing I can assure you!


My favourite building in Singapore - very art deco. There are a lot of 1920s and 1930s buildings in Singapore, nestled in amongst the more modern high rise blocks.

We stopped by this mosque to have some ice cream and a rest in the shade. A gorgeous little street, completely different to anywhere else we had seen on our travels.

We ate in Satay Street one evening - here's the remains of our meal, chicken and beef satay which was cooked in vast quantities on the street in front of you. Notice the blue fan on the table - these were well used whilst we were out there!

And we couldn't go to Singapore without the obligatory trip to Raffles. We didn't go in the long bar and none of us ordered a Singapore Sling but we drank delicious cocktails (even non alcoholic ones for the kids) and relaxed on the outside terrace.

There was a very conveniently placed cupcake shop just round the corner from the apartment so we indulged a couple of times. Tea and cake on the balcony - bliss!

The Gardens by the Bay which we visited were stunning. We are not gardeners but we still enjoyed a trip round these two huge conservatory type structures. This lions head was carved from wood. Incredible.

Waterfalls in one of the conservatories. The girls weren't so keen on looking at plants but still had a great time climbing up inside this waterfall tower.

A view of the Marina Bay Sands building through glass.

I was really hoping there would be a miniature version of this lion in the gift shop at the Gardens by the Bay but alas, it was full of garish sparkly tat!

There was a bookshop just round the corner from my sister's place which had a vintage section out the back. Look at their cool collection of vintage Pez sweet dispensers. I had to stop myself from buying any, we have enough at home already.

They also had a large collection of glassware and a box full of vintage black and white photos. I love old photos and bought a couple to display at home.

These art deco apartments surrounded the apartment block where my sister lives. Beautiful streets to meander around.

We had such a great time, I'm sure I could bore you all with dozens more photos! A real experience and memories I will treasure for years to come. x