Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Celebrating the New Year with a little bit of crochet! Hope you all have a wonderful time bringing in the new year. We have already opened some bubbly and are relaxing at home this evening. The last few weeks of 2012 have not been good to us in the PB household so we are all hoping that 2013 will bring a happier, stress free time. Wishing you all a fantastic, happy and healthy new year. xxx

PS. Just been looking through some recent photos and I am wayyyy behind on my blogging. Must catch up - now there's a new year's resolution for me to try to keep!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Charity shops rule!

More charity shop finds. I bought this lovely little Kokeshi doll from the local charity shop a couple of months ago. She is very heavy and was only £1.50. I love her because the paint colours are so delicate - I don't know whether she was supposed to look so faded or whether that's just what has happened over time. E thinks she is freaky and keeps trying to hide her (!) but not long after I got her, I decided she needed a little mat to sit on.

So I crocheted this little doily. It's a made up pattern which I was going to do a tutorial for, but who am I trying to kid?! In the run up to Christmas I have far too much else to keep me far too busy. There are a gazillion other free crochet coaster patterns out there for you all to choose from anyway. :)

This is how she looks. So cute.

I got this stainless steel necklace a couple of months ago too and have been wearing it most days ever since. It was a pound. I seem to remember my Mum had a necklace similar to this back in the 70s.

We hung the 1960s painting a couple of weeks ago. I love it, it just fits in nicely on this wall. Such a good find.

Here is a dreadful photo of the Franco Albini table I got for £7 in the summer. Unfortunately it is being moved into the garage over the festive season.

F loves all things dragon and dinosaur related. I spotted this teak dinosaur whilst looking for 1950s teak animals on ebay. He was a bargain and F was delighted when he turned up in the post - I hadn't told her that I'd won him, in fact I hadn't even told her I had bid for him. Here he is sat on her new Ikea picture ledge in her bedroom with a lovely dragon print that I bought from etsy.

Recent charity shop trips have been dedicated to buying vintage Christmas decorations. I have managed to buy quite a few this year so my dream of having a 100% vintage Christmas tree are becoming more of a reality. I think by next year I will hopefully have achieved it. Will post some photos once the tree is up and decorated. x