Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Loganberry or Tayberry?

Hello! We are back from camping - a day early due to the weather - torrential rain all Saturday night and then rain pretty much all day Sunday so we decided to leave Sunday afternoon. We had a fab time and managed to do all the things we had planned. Will do a separate post with photos later on this week.

Just a quick post today as I need your help. I went to look at all our lovely things growing in the garden as I knew they would have grown due to lots of sunshine and a bit of rain over the weekend. I discovered that the "raspberries" had started to change colour and had grown quite considerably in size. In fact, they are far too big for raspberries and with a little bit of a search on the internet and a chat with my Mum, we think they may be loganberries or tayberries, but which one I just don't know. Any ideas? Any recipe ideas? We have a few, but not enough to make jam. I am hoping that our crop will increase next year once I have properly weeded around them.
I have got some fruit net so I will cover them over today to keep the birds off. I think I may chop back that shrub that's mingled in amongst them too.

If you have any clue as to what these berries are, please could you leave me a comment. I would be most grateful. Always nice to know what's growing in the garden (and also what you are eating!). Thanks.

Right, better hang up yet more washing and get back to the gardening. x


  1. Hmmm, not sure about the berries, sorry. There are loads of different varieties of raspberry, so it might just be possible that they're them? I guess you could use them in the same way you would a raspberry anyway, unless they taste hugely different - my favourite thing would be jam (yum!)
    Emily x

  2. I guess tayberry. Only because we've just planted a couple of bushes down at the allotment and it looks very similar - I could be wrong though.

    Hope you find out for sure,

    Nina xxx