Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Birthday Boy and Round Crochet Blanket

Yes, this little man turned 3 years old today! We have had him now for 6 months and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. He's quite a talkative little chap and loves company. He also loves sleeping on beds. In these photos he is asleep on my eldest's bed, on top of her recently made blanket. About a year ago she decided she would like a crochet blanket - a round one. After looking for a pattern for some time, I discovered the one that Dottie Angel used by this clever lady - Mille Makes. After making the flower middle, I just kept going, trying to get the right amount of stitches per round so that the blanket would lay flat. As you can see from the photos, I didn't succeed and I wasn't happy about this at all. It also took a long time to make, what with all the petals and each time I finished a round, the blanket looked no bigger - all very disheartening as you can well imagine. Much muttering under my breath occurred and the blanket was shoved with some force into a bag and kicked under a chair and forgotten about for a few months! I eventually got it out when I was in a WIP blitzing frame of mind and managed to finish it off fairly quickly. E loves the fact that it is a bit frilly and is very pleased with the colour combo (wouldn't be my first choice, that's for sure! Colours are Stylecraft Special DK in Black, Violet and Plum, I think). It was finished off with a picot edging and draped over her bed, where the cat promptly plonked himself down, probably thinking how lucky he was that Mum had made him yet another blanket to sleep on!

Due to the terrible weather today, Gerard has done a lot of sleeping on his birthday. He got up briefly to have some cat treats before retiring to F's bed for an afternoon nap, on top of her crochet blanket, using a cuddly toy as a pillow. Oh to be a cat. xx


  1. My uncle shares the same name as your cat! He favours purple wibbly blankets too!!!


  2. I love Gerard. He looks just like our Flora ( don't tell him he looks like a girl).
    My kitties have taken to filling the whole of my fave sofa up. They are only little but if they really stretch out they really can fill some space. Maybe I need to crochet them a blanket??

  3. I Love the frilliness! And why wouldnt he think you had crocheted him another blanket???

  4. I think it looks beautiful and obviously Gerard feels the same :o)
    happy weekend!
    love jooles x

  5. Yummy colours! I must try a round blanket myself x

  6. You make such great blankets! and your wee turtles/tortoises are SO adorable. I love the variety in your making you must have a great handle on the crochet hook!

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