Saturday, 31 March 2012

Unpacking the garden

It really did feel like I was unpacking the garden this week - getting the garden furniture out, raking up the remainder of the Autumn leaves and weeding, weeding, weeding. The lawn has been mown a couple of times, we have had four BBQs (yes 4, in March, like that's ever going to happen again!) and the kids have been out on the swings and playing games until dark. The blossom is out on all the trees (this one is our neighbours - it's beautiful), such a lovely view.

We bought a stainless steel kitchen trolley from Ikea last year which we are using as extra worktop space for the BBQ. I still haven't made the cushion covers for these chairs yet. Ho hum.

Some grape hyacinths which are nestled in amongst the many bluebells which are due to flower within the next few weeks.  I think the previous owners loved blue flowers.

Luckily, I haven't managed to kill the rhubarb. I hope I get a bit more than last year, there was only enough for one crumble! The gooseberry bushs are covered in leaves and flowers, I am hoping for a better gooseberry crop too.

I weeded the weed border. Yes, you read that right. There were some weeds growing that the tortoises can't eat so I weeded all of those ones out, just leaving the weeds they are allowed and the vast array of bluebells (which they aren't allowed but I don't want to dig up as they are so pretty). It just means that picking the weeds is a bit easier now and there is more space for further weeds that I have growing in other untended parts of the garden - believe me, there are many weeds in our garden.

This is how the new lawn is looking. So glad we planted it last year and not this year as we have a hosepipe ban coming into force in April. I weeded the border along the fence in manageable 30-60 minute sessions. It was mainly pulling up ivy as opposed to weeding but it is nice and clear now, all ready for the tayberries and blackcurrants to do their thing.

There are lots of bluebells in this border too.

Whilst I have been mooching around the garden finding more and more jobs to keep me occupied, Gerard has been playing a spot of Swingball.

He loves sitting under the slide, waiting to pounce on the next person to walk past.

We are off on holiday soon, going to visit my sister and brother in law in Hong Kong. Really really really excited, can't wait to see them and can't wait to explore Hong Kong. Blogging will be a bit quiet over the next couple of weeks but I am sure there will be plenty to talk about when we get back. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter. xxx


  1. your garden is looking mighty fine...My garden is more weeds than flowers at the mo!
    Wow...Hong Kong! have a great time!
    love jooles x

  2. I just love the change of seasons. I am waiting for winter after a steamy hot summer! Enjoy your garden it is looking lovely despite the weeds. Also have a great time in Honkers...I'm sure catching up with your sister will be the highlight. I live away from my sisters too and there is nothing quite like sister catch up time. Have fun Anny :)

  3. Looks ace and makes me feel guilty and lazy! I must drag the swingball out for the boys- nicknamed "rogue bludger" round here ( Harry Potter reference about a ball that tried to knock Harry out) due to the initial utter lack of ability to hit the ball with anything but my daughter's face!! Enjoy your sisterly visit