Sunday, 26 February 2012

First Gardening of 2012

The tortoise enclosure needed a bit of attention in the weeding department. Didn't take long. From this.. this. Neat and tidy and all ready for the tortoises to have a little explore.

And after they had mooched around for a while, a bit of upright sunbathing was in order. It's sunny again today so they will be pleased to be out and about again.

We even had the patio doors open. My new wellies - Matalan, £9.

This is the view from where I am right now. Loving the sunshine, Gerard is loving it too. He was in the pet rescue for the whole of last summer so missed out on wandering around in the sunshine. He's making up for it now though, we hardly saw him yesterday! Hope it's sunny where you are. x


  1. Hey, Its funny that my thoughts have turned to gardening this week. Its on plan for tommorow! The tortoises look like they are enjoying it x

  2. I just discovered your blog and I like it. Your pics are very beautiful. I am looking forward to your future postings. Greetings from the US...Heidi

  3. hiya Julia! wow look at the deluxe tortoise enclosure...i bet they will be so happy in there...and i love the vertical sunbathing too!! xx

  4. It does look wonderful in your garden! I have looked at mine...vowed to grow something to eat this year...even decided to buy some seeds at some point, but that's as far as it goes at the mo!And I am completely jealous of your patio doors and deck!!

  5. Love the sunbathing tortoises :)

  6. how exciting ...happy tortoises :o)
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  7. Hey! Ooblick is possibly one of the BEST words ever. Where's it from? is it your own creation?

    How many tortoises do you have?!