Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mum's Birthday Blanket

It was my Mum's birthday at the weekend so we had a little trip out on Friday to celebrate. Lunch at a local cafe (our favourite haunt) and the girls went to the park with my Dad to feed the ducks and have a run around, whilst my Mum and I walked down the high street to check out the charity shops. Mum managed to get a Portmeirion storage jar and I got a much needed wooden doorstop. Of course, what was I going to give my Mum as a present? A blanket of course! I secretly made this about a month ago. I got the pattern off Ravelry - Spring Ripple Scarf by Angela Best. It is surprisingly quick to crochet so this blanket didn't take much longer than a week to crochet.

It's made with Stylecraft yarn in a random colour sequence. Very easy to do and the pattern is quick to remember. It makes a nice lightweight blanket with plenty of holes to trap warm air.

Here's a photo of me making it, just to prove that I did actually crochet it - I don't always remember to take an action shot! I was a little concerned when I was half way through making it that it was a little too retro 1970s colour scheme but once I used some parchment yarn in the middle, I think this toned things down a bit. What do you think?

Mum loved her blanket, as do I. I also got her a Radley travel card holder to match her Radley handbag (recently acquired from the charity shop - now you know who I take after) and some tea in an elephant tin from here. After a lovely day out, we went back home to Mum and Dad's house for a cup of tea and a cream cake. Yum.

It was half term for us last week and we managed to cram quite a lot of stuff in. Friends came over for lunch, we went to watch The Muppets at the cinema (F really enjoyed it, E not so much), not much crafting took place though and virtually no crochet. I am knitting a scarf for my husband (hence the reason we are getting 15 degree weather on Thursday - you can thank me later!) and I have started a ripple blanket with the milk cotton but I am definitely not feeling the love for it. I might frog it and start again.

Gerard has discovered he can do this...

...and this...

When he gets a giddy kipper moment he tears up the tree in our front garden and then we can hear him running up and down the roof. It's his latest favourite thing to do. Daft cat! Note to self - must clean the gutters. Another job to add to the list.

Will be back later on in the week with photos of the other blanket I recently made. x


  1. That blanket is lovely - I love the laceiness of it - really beautiful. Might look that pattern up myself!

  2. That blanket is lovely! The 70s colours are gorgeous, I can't believe that only took you a week to make! Sounds like a glorious day...my cat Horace is very envious of Gerard's daredevil escapades.

  3. What a beautiful blanket. I bet your Mum was as pleased as Punch. Love Gerard. Our cats have mad moments too.
    Love from 'Mum'

  4. Beautiful blanket, love the colours and I'm thinking of the irony of daughter crocheting for her mum .. you would think it might be the other way round, how the times have changed!
    We have mental cats too, one has caught two shrews today. Not great!

  5. What a lovely, lovely blanket - the colours are great and I think I may have to copy you and use that pattern for a blanket for a friend who's having a baby in May - I love it!
    Giddy kipper? That's my new best expression and I will be using it whenever I can.
    Emily x

  6. Wow, that blanket made up fast! I bet your mom just loves it too. The pattern and colors are beautiful!

  7. Hey Julia, what a wonderful pressie for your mum, the colours are great and the parchment really lifts it.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed the time spent together.

    Must be something about cats after they've had something to eat. My Tigger gets the 'ratties' and goes tearing around the place like a kitten and no the older, more mature cat that he is, hehe......

    Claire :}

  8. beautiful blanket, what a lucky mum you have.
    that is one dare-devil cat you have there!
    love jooles x

  9. What a gorgeous blanket! I'm properly impressed that you made that in a week. Loving the retro colours :)