Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wintery Sunday morning

Hope you are all wrapped up toasty warm and enjoying some quiet time in front of the fire with a good book/craft project. We woke up to four inches of snow so the kids decided they would like a "hotel breakfast" before venturing out into the cold. It was delicious!

 Whilst the girls were having fun outside doing this,

... Gerard and I were in the warm doing some of this,

... drinking lots of this (Teapot, Matalan £8),

... and working on this - another new project which is almost finished. I have no intention of venturing out today. Stay warm. x


  1. How wonderful to wake up to a snowy world outside! Stay cozy!

  2. wow the snowman is SO tall and the breakfast looks good.

  3. mmmmm - hotel breakfasts - yuuuuuuuuum
    Love the look of the latest wip (blanket?)
    Emily x

  4. Ooh I am hungry for a cooked brekkie now! Glad you enjoyed the snow- we didnt get any-boo!!