Friday, 30 September 2011

Life begins...

 As mentioned (quietly slipped into a sentence) at the end of my last post, I recently turned 40. Some people find this launch into their forties quite difficult to cope with. Me - well I am the youngest of most of my friends so everyone else has already been there, done that. Also, to me, age is just a number - I have never had any issue with telling people how old I am, luckily. But birthdays are a problem for me in other ways as I just don't enjoy being centre of attention. I love going out for a meal with my husband and girls, but that's all I want to do for a birthday. So we went for a delicious meal at my favourite local pub (reportedly the oldest pub in England) and came home, full, tired and happy.

My gorgeous girls made me cards (I love a homemade card - it did make me giggle when I saw the OMG sign!) and I had a nice relaxing day. Perfect. The wonderful Alison from Gingercat  took me out for afternoon tea (with champagne no less) on the Friday before my birthday. The weather was glorious so we sat outside on the terrace, drinking champagne and tea and wolfing down sandwiches, cakes and scones. It was tops! Then I went out for lunch with my Mum and Dad at another lovely local pub, which was fab. I do like a nice meal out, can you tell?

As for presents, this was the star attraction - I have wanted an Eames rocker for years and I managed to get this original beauty for a very reasonable price.

Unfortunately, I am the only member of my family who likes it. My husband calls these chairs yoghurt pots on skis and the girls wrinkled their noses when they saw it (they dislike anything second hand - I'm trying to change their ways, honest). However, recently I have seen them sat in the chair, rocking whilst watching tv. I think they may be coming round, slowly.

So that was my birthday. It felt quite Autumnal on the day but the weather in the UK is like the height of Summer at the moment. I checked the forecast this morning and it's due to stay all over the weekend until Tuesday. We will be out in the garden enjoying it while we still can. Hope you all have a fab weekend too. x


  1. OK I have proper chair envy! Your family are wrong about this one - but you already know that! Glad you had a lovely birthday - the 40's are lovely in my experience. I turn 50 next year, but I'm still getting my head around that one...Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Ah, happy belated birthday Julia - glad you enjoyed your celebrations. The chair's great (your family will come to love it too, I'm sure).
    How you getting on with the blanket?
    Emily x

  3. Happy belated birthday, great that you had no problems getting there too. I'm afraid I'm one of those who found reaching 40 difficult and hate the mere mention of my age .. although having kids makes it impossible to keep that one a secret!!

    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Oh my goodiness I love love ANY Eames chair and to have found an original, SWOON! I'm sure when your hubby sees what they are actually worth he might start likng it a bit more :0)
    Happy belated birthday, I loved turning 40 it was the only birthday party I really have enjoyed since being a adult xox loving your Mollie makes blanket by the way...gorgeous x

  5. I love the chair, and it looks fab with the cushion!

  6. I love your chair...although the "yoghurt pot on skis" comment did make me laugh too! GLad you had a you-style birthday!