Saturday, 24 September 2011

Butter wouldn't melt

 Could he look any cuter? He really is settling in nicely and gets on well with all of us. He even loves visitors. No accidents, only one breakage of an ornament (he is spending a considerable amount of time on windowsills, longing to go outside and there were a few too many ornaments on E's sill. Oops). But because he is longing to go outside so much - especially at night - this is happening...
 ... and this. Gerrard has scratched the pine dresser in four different spots. Just as well it is easy to sand down and wax.
 We stuck some tin foil on the corner of the dresser after he attacked it the first time, but obviously he has just scratched another area instead, and I couldn't see us draping foil over the whole cupboard. Also there was a risk of him just moving onto destroying the kitchen cabinets which I have recently painted.
 Of course, we bought a scratching box (he didn't know what it was) and also a scratching post (still pristine, fresh from the packaging it came in) so we are just biding our time until he is allowed out and hoping he will claw the trees from then on.
He really is a sweetie. We're all so glad we got him. And he still loves his blanket, which makes me happy. BTW, the reason his bed is inside an upturned toy basket is because he was used to sleeping in a covered cat bed at the pet rescue centre and spent the first couple of nights with us sleeping on top of the kitchen wall cabinets, where he was close to the ceiling. He feels a lot happier and safer in his bed at night now. Not long til we open the cat flap...

PS. Sorry you had to see close up photos of our kitchen floor - hopefully it will be gone within the next couple of months.


  1. Oh dear, someone's got some bad habits. I expect you're counting the days till he gets out. Gerrard looks lovely and well done you for giving him a good home.

    Love your inventive cat home, our two would love something like that!

  2. Aw, isn't he lovely. Apparently there is a spray you can buy to get them to use their scratching posts. We had trouble with Elsa too, it helped when we dragged string over the top so she got used to her claws going into it.