Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tres magnifique

A little something popped through the letterbox last week. A small impulse buy - I saw it and had to have it. That doesn't often happen with me when it comes to online shopping, I am usually very careful in considering what to buy, but this was something I absolutely wanted AND needed. Once ordered, the something arrived very quickly, literally only a couple of days and it was so beautifully packaged.

Yes, this little something appeared on the dottie angel blog a few days ago and I absolutely love all things dottie angel.

How cute is that tray? Both those monkeys were bought from thrift shops in the US. Why can't our charity shops sell cute Danish monkeys? And I needed a new tray as a certain incident happened with my Ikea bird tray a couple of weeks ago (not naming any names). Now I have a perfectly dottie tray to take my tea on outside. It would appear great minds think alike as Caroline from gran plumley also ordered the tray and the book. The book is top of my Christmas list. Uh oh, I mentioned that word.  

On the crochet front, I have almost finished making all the squares for the Mollie Makes blanket. I laid them all out on the floor this afternoon and discovered there are a few more silver/parchment ones to make. I have enough squares to make a decent sized lap blanket so I'm happy with the size. So glad I only have a few more to make though as it feels like I have been making them for an eternity. Will update with photos soon. xx


  1. Hey, I like what you've done with the title of this post :-). I've been hankering after Dottie's book too - it looks perfect rainy weather reading!

  2. snap! it's lovely isn't it XXX

  3. Bonza tray - I too have the book on my Christmas (ssshhh) list - shall we bulk-ship them over?!
    Have a jolly weekend
    Emily x

  4. I saw that tray and loved it to... jealous! x