Thursday, 15 September 2011

Back to crochet

 Finally, another crochet post! This is the mini project I was talking about. I have used pretty much the same yarn as the Mollie Makes blanket I am making, give or take the odd colour. I needed to make something quick and easy so chose to do a large granny square. I say large, but this is just a mini blanket really, only about 65cm square.

Here it is completed - not very large at all and extremely speedy to make. I started it on Sunday and finished it on Tuesday. I needed to make it in a hurry as we had a special visitor coming on Wednesday this week. A VIP - very important PET...

 Yes, this little chap came home with us on Wednesday from the local pet rescue. We visited on Sunday and looked at two cats in particular, but saw so many beautiful moggies. It would have been so difficult to choose, had we not looked on the website at all the cat profiles before we went. We chose to see only black cats as they are not so popular at the moment (didn't know that certain cat colours were out of fashion - shocking). The two we chose to see had both been at the cattery for the longest period of time out of all of the cats there. They were both so adorable, it was very difficult to choose, but we decided on this little chap as he was affectionate, a little bit shy but also a little bit playful. The day I picked him up I found out that the other cat had already been rehomed - the next people to look at cats after us decided he was perfect for them. This made me feel very happy as I was quite glum about leaving him behind.
 As you can see, he is loving his new blanket. There were crochet blankets for every cat at the rescue centre so I donated three crochet blankets that I bought from the charity shop a couple of years ago. I seem to be making so many that I don't think I will need those ones any more. After making this blanket and covering it with my scent in the process, I gave it to the kids to rub all over them. I think that may be helping him to settle in and get to trust us.
He has been getting very tired whilst posing for the camera! He really is a little sweetheart and has been following me around like a puppy. Unfortunately he has to stay inside for the next 3 weeks, which is a problem for him as he is desperate to get out and explore the garden. It's also a problem for us as we have had fantastic sunshine over the last couple of days and we have been sweltering in the lounge, unable to open any windows or doors.

And guess what his name is? Gerrard. Yep, I wouldn't have chosen that either! After spending ages trying to think of a different name, the kids decided that they would much rather keep his name just as it is. Cats usually end up being called several different nicknames rather than their real names after a while so we are pretty much ok with that. I think. I'm sure you will be seeing more of him on here soon. If he ever stays still long enough to have his photo taken. x


  1. Awwww he is such a cutie and looks very at home on his new blanket! xx

  2. He looks like he's thinking 'this is more like it'! and a perfect size blanket for him.
    Gerrard - love it! Everytime we;ve let the boys name a pet we've regretted it.
    (BJ the hamster particularly!!!)
    fee x
    (ps - nearly the weekend!)

  3. He will repay you a million times over. 13 years ago we went looking for a male kitten or cat, short haired and any colour except black and white (our other cat was this colour). We chose not to take one of the two kittens and came home with their mum and she's sitting at the foot of the bed right now (on a crochet blanket). And she's black and white. And long haired. :-)

  4. Hi Juliab, Congrats on the new family member. Darling in every the special crochet square for a very special kitty. My heart sings when folks adopt pets from the rescue shelter, Gerrard is so lucky to have 'found' you :-)

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments. We are feeling very lucky to have him (everyone is smiling a whole lot more in our house!) and he is getting used to our routine. He has already been cuddling up next to the kids on the sofa. I'm sure it won't be long before he is fully settled in. x

  6. He is gorgeous though.

    When we looked last year only black cats were on offer - so to speak - nobody seems to what black cats where we live.

    Nina x

  7. How sweet is Gerrard? Great crochet, too!

  8. Gorgeous blanket - the idea of you demanding the children rub it over them has really made me giggle. Gerrard is lovely X

  9. Well I dreamt last night about a new cat, and asked my husband this morning if we should get a cat. (after losing two, its a hard decision)

    I bet he ends up being called Gerry!!

    I shall make soup with my squashes, its the best way in my opinion. xx

  10. He looks very at home on his blanket, aww :) Perhaps you could call him Gerry? Might be familiar enough for him to know it's his name but a bit less formal than Gerrard? Or Mr G!

  11. Aw bless!
    I love a cat, me.
    Ours is a big fatty called Dennis. In fact, he's the total opposite of your slender beauty. And Gerrard is a very dignified name. He sounds like the sort of cat who would shop at Harvey Nichols, given the chance.
    You enjoy him, he is gorgeous.

  12. Gerrard looks so happy, obviously a very lucky cat to have been brought to your home. Thanks for you lovely comment on the belts, I hope you and your daughters like them! Janette x

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  14. Aw, what a little cutie, he looks super-happy. We gave Elsa a crochet blanket too, though I wasn't clever enough to have made it myself, it was ebay for me. I am sure he will end up being Gerry most of the time, and Gerrard when he is in trouble! x

  15. Julia he is purrrrfect! Quite the handsomest of chaps and it is very obvious is now about to live the life of luxary he deserves!! Lovely post.
    Love Jane
    P.S The tortoises have started hatching and I have updated the blog as per you request! X