Monday, 1 August 2011

New fence

 We had a busy time over the weekend. Not only did we go to the fair, but my husband made a temporary fence using split bamboo (a 4m by 2m length was bought for the purpose) attached to a wooden frame. This screens off our front garden from the side garden, and it gives a whole new feel to the side garden too.
 This is where we barbecue and also where our decking is so it really does need some privacy, especially once the front hedge has gone.
 It feels a lot more cosy round here now, the split bamboo has warmed up the area, giving it a sunshiney (is that a word?) glow and I am now much more inclined to sit out now - the amazing weather we are having at present also helps.
 We still need to plant the hedge - I have decided on the type of hedging we need, but cannot get it until the Autumn so will have to wait until then before it's all finished. In the meantime, we have the job of laying paving slabs all round the edge of the decking - the slabs will be at a lower level and will provide space for some pots. We also need to choose some kind of sail to provide shade as the decking is South facing and it has been particularly  hot out there today. I much prefer to sit in the shade and never sunbathe so having some shade is an absolute must. If anyone can recommend a good value sail shade or something similar, let me know as we are struggling to choose from the vast selection online.

Last week, we had a visit from some lovely people from John Lewis, who fitted a venetian blind to our front lounge window.

These photos were taken before all the furniture was moved back into position. After umming and ahhing over roller blinds, which proved extortionately expensive due to the width of the window, we kind of had no other choice but to opt for venetians. I think they look fab, much better than having a bare window anyway!

Today I rang the tree surgeon and they are coming next Monday to start chopping down the mammoth hedge. If I remember, I will take photos - exciting! x


  1. Gosh you have been busy!
    It is all looking very lovely and perfect timing for this sunny spell we are having.
    I too prefer shade to sun, i used to try to make myself sunbathe but it was just hard work and very un-enjoyable, getting all hot and thank you!
    good luck with the sail
    have a lovely week
    jooles x

  2. Yay, the gate has a fence, congratulations! Oh yes, I love John Lewis, I'm sure they've done a brilliant job with your lovely blind. Having had an irritating experience over ordering/receiving a parasol I homed in on yours straight away - very nice indeed. I'm sure you'll all be spending the rest of the summer outside in your new space now .. if the sun continues to shine that is!

  3. The back garden looks lovely, I can just imagine how a sail will really make it even better. I can't sit in the sun and I made a sail from calico (heavy) and used big metal rings and carabiners to attach it to the pergola's posts. Sorry carabiners isn't right but think climbing thingies.