Thursday, 25 August 2011

Does having a bonfire count as gardening?

 On Tuesday evening, after a grey and rainy day, we had a bonfire to get rid of the oodles of branches that had been pruned from our very overgrown garden. I love a good bonfire. It didn't take long to light, considering it had been raining. We had so much stuff to burn, we spent about half an hour adding to it.

Lots of conifer branches which made pretty orange patterns as they burnt.

 Lots of molten, golden splodges against the green of the oak tree behind.

At certain times, the flames were impressively tall. Luckily, they didn't go anywhere near the surrounding foliage. Even my husband looked on in awe!

I was mesmerised by the golden splodges floating in the air. I do like a good bonfire.

 This is our pile of conifer prunings that came from the trees behind the swing. My husband broke them up into manageable pieces which I then lobbed onto the fire. Lobbed being a technical term, obviously. :)

Wow, haven't seen those paving slabs for a while! These slabs are going to be lifted and used to pave under the BBQ.  We will then lay turf over the bare patch so the girls have more lawn to run around on. Our greenhouse (just out of shot) is going on ebay soon. We just don't use it and can't ever see ourselves getting into gardening so much as to need a greenhouse. It's also bang in the middle of the back garden - not the most convenient place to be.
And once this cat woke up, he decided to hang around for a while. He's still not our cat, even though he tried to go in the lounge twice!

BTW, this afternoon I spent a leisurely hour pruning the shrubs/trees behind the veg patch. I now have another big pile of garden waste to get rid of! x


  1. I love a bonfire - sounds like you might need a second one!
    That cat is hilarious.

  2. I think it counts as garden maintenance! Very cool- reminds me that bonfire night is coming up surprisingly soon!

  3. You can't beat a bonfire. My OH is itching to have one soon at out allotment but the local busybody comes out and complains. Glad to have found your blog x

  4. Ooooh another bonfire , how exciting! I really don't know why they are so beguiling but they just are :o)
    jooles x

  5. Those orange blobs are gorgeous. It is mesmerising.

  6. Absolutely! Anytime of the year.

    I love bonfires.

    Nina x

  7. Bonfires -definitely my kind of gardening! C.x