Tuesday, 30 August 2011

 What do you do with 13 tree stumps? Why, draw on them, that's what! This kept the girls busy a couple of weeks ago.
 Then, when you get fed up of looking at tree stumps and wondering what to do with them, you get the nice tree surgeons back round to grind them down.
 That's better. Since this photo was taken at the weekend, our nephew has been round to create a nice border, using some soil from the veg patch. I am planning on buying plants tomorrow. We went to a local garden centre yesterday to see what was available. I might have a mad dash to three different places to get all the plants I am looking for. Not entirely sure the kids will be happy about that.

And whilst we've been out and about in the garden over the last few days, we have been picking apples from next door's tree. I've also been given another crate full of pears. Really must get round to making some chutney. We had some chocolate and pear pudding on Sunday - it was delicious, even more so on Monday morning for breakfast!

The garden is looking really different now. I have been taking photos as we go along, just need to catch up with blogging about it all. More updates later on this week. x


  1. What a difference without the hedge, it will be interesting to see what you plant. As today is the first of Spring, I planted some Sweet peas, but Snow is forecast for tomorrow, I do hope they survive as Aj asked can we eat them!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wish my little one would draw on stuff she is supposed to draw on-
    She is nearly 2 and currently drawing on the walls, carpets and herself.
    Ho humm!

  3. just catching up on all my blogging friends - man it takes forever!
    Lovely post - the squirels ate all our apples this year - gonna give them a piece of my mind next time one crosses my path.
    Your soreen comment made me laugh outloud - (you must have toasted it wrong!) and totally with you on the pancakes toasted.
    Just for your fyi as my #3 says

  4. Brilliant news about the cat Julia! You will love it, Elsa has made such a difference to our lives :) x

  5. It really is all systems go isn't it. Good for you, it'll look wonderful once you're done.