Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New year, new project

In fact, lots of new projects appearing in the PB house over the past couple of months. Not sure why, just got many ideas floating around in my head which need to be made into things. I thought about this one a couple of days ago and just had to make it. The kids went back to school today so this afternoon was the prime opportunity to have another go at quilting - well, my version of quilting anyway.

I cut out 6 strips of fabric (vintage duvet covers) and stitched them together, cut a piece of backing fabric the same size and also cut an old fleece blanket for the wadding. This was most definitely a "use what I could find around the house" type of project. It was also a project where I probably broke about a thousand quilting rules. I made it up as I went along, no instructions, just see what happens and deal with any mistakes that may arise.

Once I had sewn them all together I searched around again, looking for something to finish my mini quilt off as it was looking very plain.

After unsuccessfully attempting to blanket stitch around the outside using embroidery thread (it would appear I only possess blunt embroidery needles and my thumb is still smarting as proof) I took the easy option and did a simple slip stitch all the way around.

I then found a very small amount of leftover Rico cotton yarn (from the summer chevron blanket) and half trebled (htr, ch 1) all the way around. Nothing too fancy.

Finished in approx. 2 hours. Not bad going for me, considering I had to choose the fabrics in that time too. I am terrible at choosing fabrics, too much indecision and changing my mind at the last minute.

And here it is in action - a little mug mat for the new-to-us kitchen table. My kitchen is currently being Dottie Angeled! And we found a table on ebay - grey and white formica topped 1950s style. Just got to find some stools/chairs to go with it. We also have new floor, bright white painted tiles (see above, it worked out really well - clean, sand, prime and 2 coats of emulsion), and bright white walls and ceiling. It's looking so much better in there and it's somewhere we actually want to spend time. It even turns into a mini tapas bar early Saturday evening. A glass of red wine and some olives, feta and a few crisps and dips, radio on and you really could be in a tapas bar if you stretched your imagination quite a long way!

I am now looking forward to having another go at quilting, maybe another mug mat but with binding around the edge. I chickened out on the binding this time and I'm glad I did as I really like the crochet border. I'll post soon with more photos of the kitchen, it's nearly finished. Honest, we're getting there.

PS. There's no tea in that mug but you knew that anyway didn't you? x


  1. You were supposed to be doing your hoovering you naughty girl! We can quilt together now!

    A x

  2. it looks great! I'm a total rule breaker too :o)

  3. I love this! The fabric choices look great together, and the yellow crochet border finishes it off nicely. Very tres granny chic!

  4. I love that you start something without a fixed idea of how it will end. I'm that kind of person. Sometimes it means I just make a half finished mess that never becomes anything significant. Other times I'm pleasantly surprised with a masterpiece just like your mug mat became! Enjoy it and looking forward to seeing more projects in the future!

  5. So beautiful, I love that crochet edging and think it would work on a bigger project. I will do patchwork this year, I will. A perfect way to spend two hours x

  6. Guess what I'll be having a go at! Love it, great way to practice quilting, love the little trim too! :) x

  7. It looks just great and I love the border. I think you need a full set as table mats.
    Love from Mum