Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Jewel Blanket and Never Ending Blanket

All the ends have been sewn in and a border of three rows of plain treble clusters has been completed. I thought the colours could do all the talking so the border is nothing fancy. Perfect for little people to fling over themselves and poke their toes through the holes (why do they all do that?!) without me getting annoyed. This blanket was finished back in December and has seen quite a bit of use since then. Still love the jewel like colours against the black outline.

As soon as I'd finished I decided I would do a bit of stash busting. I have an increasing supply of left over yarn from previous projects, and also odd balls of pure wool/part wool yarn from charity shops or donated to me by my Mum. I have been wanting to make a giant granny square blanket for a while and rather than buy yet more wool to make one, the oddments piling up in my wardrobe were going to get used.

This is the very beginning of the blanket. I love looking back at photos like this - the very start of something that I have made, before I even knew what it was going to look like. This was definitely not a project that had been planned in any great detail. I had wool and lots of it and I was going to turn it into a blanket in any which way I could. I started off with the smallest oddments, those teeny tiny lengths of wool that most other people would chuck out but I squirrel them away, knowing they will get used eventually.

Some of the wools I have used are the leftovers from my very first crochet blanket. It was such a lovely blanket to make, reminiscing about previous things I have made. The blanket grew and grew until I ran out of wool (apart from some more of that mid blue wool but I want to add a few more stripes of different colours before I do another few rows of blue.) and this is where the Never Ending name comes from. I am going to keep adding to this blanket every time I find some more wool or have leftovers from another project. The blanket will keep on growing until it is enormous.

I suppose it's about 1m square at the moment and it's getting some use already. All ends have been sewn in, pretty much as I went along - very unlike me! I'm loving this blanket already, even if it is a bit scratchy. Probably needs a wash to soften it up. Can you see what my favourite colours are? Blues, greys, greens, with the odd splash of mustard or coral. It fits into our lounge perfectly.

And the best thing of all? Both of these blankets were made out of my wool stash (just had to buy a couple of balls of black for the jewel blanket) so I have been very thrifty over the past few months.

Do you think I will ever stop making blankets? I think not. Although I have made a few things recently that are not blanket related. Will blog about them soon. x


  1. Hi, They are so addictive. I have a pile of granny squares that I have no real plans for.
    Just a quick question, where do you buy all your wool from? I just find it very expensive.
    keep going with the never ending blanket, it is good for the soul. x

  2. So lovely...great job:) x and don't worry about the binding on your quilt, it is much easier than it looks and very addictive...beware. There's some fab tutorials around, let me know if you have trouble and I will find the link for one I used xxxxxx

  3. Yes but blankets come in very handy at this time of year and if they are pretty, all the better.

  4. You've been bitten by the bug too! They look great, love the blue one! :) x

  5. They are lovely. The black against the bright colours is fab. I want to make a patch lancet like that, maybe when I finish he two I am working on right now...

  6. The never ending blanket is such a good idea. My DD started to learn to crochet and then gave up so I have inherited the beginnings of a blanket which I shall finish with her chosen colours. If it needs more colours after that I shall keep adding other colours until it's big enough. My DH says I'm aiming to cover the northern hemisphere in crocheted blankets!
    It's good to know that you're doing so aswell. Perhaps we are the cause of global warming!
    Love from Mum

  7. Gosh you have been busy, they are a couple of gorgeous blankets there!
    Wishing you a very happy weekend
    love jooles xxx

  8. I like how the black border makes the other colours pop.I haven't done any crocheting this summer as it has been to hot, the mere thought of wool is enough to bring me out in hives, we have had our hottest summer in 60 years.Roll on Autumn I say, but the weather man says don't hold your breath, not even rain on our horizon.