Thursday, 10 January 2013

All white in the kitchen

More makes for the kitchen, only these were made back in December. Once we had painted the walls, we put up some plain white roller blinds. Yes you can see two blinds for one window, there is a very good reason. Because it is a 1960s house the windows are all very wide, meaning that the cost of having blinds especially made is quite high. Seeing as the kitchen was just getting a mini makeover whilst we decide what we are doing with it, we just went ahead and bought two inexpensive blinds which do the job perfectly.

Anyway, we had to cut the blinds to fit therefore leaving me with two long strips of blind fabric that I couldn't possibly throw out.

I made a cardboard template and started cutting out circles of fabric. Then E came over to see what I was doing so I got her to work on the sewing machine.

She had loads of fun stitching these circles together right down the middle, just using plain white cotton thread. It didn't take very long to do although I'm sure she would have sat there for an hour stitching away.

I draped the finished garland over the kitchen window and it has been there ever since. BTW, this is not one of my original ideas, there are loads of these garlands dotted around the internet at the moment. But I'd definitely recommend giving it a go, such fun as Miranda's Mum would say!

Another mini make for the kitchen came about once I saw this after spending a considerable amount of time painting everything in sight brilliant white. It was starting to bug me but I had a little plan which took about 20 minutes to create.

Very ugly non white radiator cap. Not a good look.

Good old crochet. My husband shook his head in disgust and reminded me that you can actually buy replacement radiator caps, but there's no fun in that is there? Yes I think I am going mad but you really can crochet anything, pretty much!

The kitchen is still not yet quite finished but we are on the home straight. More photos to follow.


  1. I for one think it's a fantastic idea! Perhaps you could make a little cover for your husband! :) x

  2. OOOH I love love the crochet radiator cover!
    going to do it all over our house too wonderful.

    D x

    PS should be in simply crochet...haha better than most things in there so far...

  3. Love the crochet cover....genius xxx

  4. The crochet cover is such a great idea! Elisabeth xx

  5. What a good idea, love the radiator cover. The garland is such a good idea, my daughter would love to make something like that. x

  6. Perhaps you should crochet a blind ;)
    All husbands are the same!

  7. Brilliant radiator cap! I like the garland too : )

  8. Wow you've been very productive so far this year! Love the tea quilt! Love Clare xxxxx

  9. Hello, and thanks for popping over to my blog. Love your radiator cap solution ( why do men have so little imagination where crochet is concerned I ask? Nice to hear you are on the home stretch of a kitchen makeover, how exciting. mel x

  10. thanks for comment....i would say get out the quilt,you cant really muck it up...the only danger is the addictiveness!

  11. I love your crochet radiator cap! I know my husband would scratch his head is disbelief if I did something like that too!