Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Life got in the way

Hello, long long time since I last blogged. So much has been going on - continuing progress in the kitchen, nearing the end of term at school, little one poorly for 6 days, starting two (yes, two!) new crochet projects and trying to cram in as much stuff as possible before term ends (haircut, dentist appt etc.).

The kitchen is coming along nicely and I have earmarked tomorrow to continue painting as many cabinets as possible. We have bought the sink, tap, hob and flooring and have ordered some worktop samples.
 Most of the drawers are painted - check out the nasty brown sink! Unfortunately we can't lay the flooring directly on top of the lino so we will have to rip it up once we've cleared out the fridge and dresser. I am dreading having to rip it up as I get the feeling it's going to be pretty disgusting under there.

My husband came home from work today and immediately went outside and started digging this hole. It's for a post to support this gate.
 An extremely sturdy gate which arrived a few days ago. It is unbelievably heavy and will be fitted to the front of the house, where the side garden/decking is. We will plant a hedge to screen off the front garden along side this gate.

F (my youngest) caught a sickness bug last weekend and she spent all weekend in bed, trying to sleep off the worst of the symptoms. She lost a fair amount of weight and was too weak to walk for 3 days, but by Wednesday she was craving burgers and bacon sandwiches (obviously a lack of protein!) and she went back to school on Friday. She's still very tired, but that is also down to end of term so we are all looking forward to lots of lie ins and lazing around doing not very much next week. Although, I have been asked to make cookies next week and get the paints out for an artwork session. A visit to the local farm may also be on the cards, if we can drag ourselves away from the comfy sofa!!
Here is my almost finished shawl, pre blocking. I have blocked it this evening and am hoping to blog about it soon, depending on the outcome! xx


  1. Your shawl looks as though it is going to be fab & well done you for actually blocking it. I get over excited & forget to do that.
    The kitchen makeover is going great guns but surely you will miss the brown sink!!

  2. Hello doll, I couldn't email you back about your joining granny squares question over at mine as you are a No Reply Blogger. There's a link a few posts a go on my blog that'll tell you how to change your settings./

    Anyways, I have edited my blanket post to describe how I did my blanket. I really hope it makes sense. Let me know if you need any more clarification, I can just imagine I have left something vital out!

    The shawl looks amazing and your kitchen is coming along a treat.I love a make over!!

    Hope your gal is back to full power now. May I ask how old were your kids when they started to lie in?


  3. Love the kitchen, LOVE the scarf!
    You have inspired me and I am sitting in my sitting room with splodges of paint all over the wall - I have made it my mission to repaint it next week... gulp
    Emily x

  4. Hiya Juliab! Hang in there with your kitchen, it's looking great. We've spent the last year working on various parts of our house, incl the kitchen. While the cabinets/counters have been done for weeks, we still have to paint, but I'm so tired of it all that I've let it be for now. Anyhoo, keep going, it will be well worth it :-)

    Your scarf is lovely and your ripple blanket is fantastically colorful, perfect to brighten up the outdoors. I'm working on a ripple right now and thankfully I'm still loving it. It is like you say though...taking FOREVER!

    Hope your little one is feeling better, just in time for school break :-) Until next time, have a lovely week! xJosie

  5. Oh I definitely know this feeling, of when life gets in the way. It happens far too often doesn't it? Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to leave a little note about how much I enjoyed reading it… Emma x

  6. Thanks for commenting on my little cupboard make-over and thanks for the tip about the Annie Sloan paint- it looks fab on these cabinets.
    No sanding and priming? -sounds like my perfect product!!
    Love your blog and am new follower.
    Am liking all your gorgeous crochet-y projects.- the blanket in your current post is delish.