Friday, 1 July 2011

Been gone too long

 Well, apologies for the short break away from blogging - a combination of bad weather = no photos, busy with starting yet more projects (when will I ever learn?) and having a hectic week this week. I have taken a few photos over the past couple of weeks so I will wade in and try to update you with what's been going on.

Last week had the most bizarre weather - on some days the weather changed about ten times, from bright sunshine to heavy downpours. I was getting pretty fed up with it as I have been meaning (but not really wanting) to get back out in the garden to finish off the weeding of the old veg patch. Regrettably, the border with the gooseberry bushes has sort of grown over again, mainly with mint. Nothing wrong with mint, but it's not where I wanted the mint to grow. I am hoping the agreeable weather will continue into next week so I can get out there again and finish off the weeding.

I managed to dodge some rain showers to get to my favourite charity shop, which is a 15-20 minute drive away. I was glad I went as I managed to get a few treasures - a Japanese style top which I am wearing tomorrow (if it fits!), a White Stuff stripy tank top for Winter, a darning mushroom (how very utilitarian of me), an early 1980s crochet book and a beautiful tin...

 ... full of vintage buttons. How wonderful a discovery this tin was. Covered in metallic fish, beaten up with dents and chipped paint but perfect in my eyes. It says on the base that it originally held tea but it is just the right size for a button collection. And here they all are -
 I feel it may be some years before I use all of these but there are some beauties in there that I am looking forward to using in future projects. I was very happy with my little haul of goodies, even if I did get a bit wet running back to the car.

As I was getting so hacked off with the weather and the housework was just not calling to me, I decided it was time to dig out the paint I bought to spruce up the kitchen. Remember I bought some paint a couple of months ago on a shopping trip to a local village with my friend Alison from Gingercat ? Well, the paint was stored away with a view to getting it done in the near future. As is always the case, life got in the way (or is that reading blogs got in the way?) and said paint got forgotton about, until the rainy weather appeared and being stuck in the house with not much interesting to do turned into a major decorating surge. Paint was dug out and surfaces cleaned. Remember, this is special paint that needs no prep work, other than a clean surface to paint on. Here is a sneak peek.

Not a great photo. Once the paint has dried (30 mins tops) you rub or brush on some wax and buff - 2-3 layers needed for kitchen units. I carried on going and have painted about a third of the kitchen units. It's quick and easy to do and it is a massive improvement on the 1980s country kitchen look. In fact, it is so good that we decided to carry out a few more updates in the kitchen. We are replacing the brown sink ( woohoo!) and the hob (the flame sometimes goes out so it's not exactly safe) and the worktop and the floor and we are painting the tiles, walls and ceiling. We are trying to buy everything on a tight budget as we hope to get the kitchen completely redone in about 5 years time. Will update you with our progress as and when it happens.

Tomorrow we have a jam packed day - swimming lesson for youngest, Music Centre Strings orchestra performance for youngest, School Summer Fun Day and eldest has a sleepover to go to. I think eldest will be going to sleep a lot later than me on Saturday night! Hope you have a fab weekend. xx


  1. That colour looks great. It is amazing the difference a little bit of paint can make. The changes you are making to your kitchen sound very exciting. I love it when we change a room - it makes you look at your whole house in a fresh way. Have a great weekend x

  2. hey,
    too much mint = mojitos are calling!
    (it would be a waste not to)

    looking forward to seeing more of your kitchen rennovations. I tried to talk Cleggy into sanding down the floorboards in our bathroom, but he snored in reply. How many times have we vowed never to sand floorboards again???
    have a good weekend - with you on the weather - lets hope the sunshine i can see this morning lasts (at least until lunchtime!)
    fee x

  3. How exciting - I love having a bit of a spruce up. Do you keep 'popping' into the kitchen to have a little peep at your handiwork? I would!
    Looking forward to the kitchen updates (living vicariously through you as I am desperate to redo my kitchen!)
    Emily x