Tuesday, 5 April 2011

 I was a very happy Mum on Mother's Day this year, although yesterday I heard that we must not call it this as it is officially known as Mothering Sunday, Mother's Day being the name given to it by the marketing bods at greetings card manufacturers. Call it what you will, as long as I get breakfast in bed! Anyway as I said, I was very lucky to get breakfast in bed - a cup of tea, made by my eldest all by herself and honey on waffles, again made by eldest (youngest daughter was on cuddles with Mummy duty!). I received the above silk painting from eldest daughter, made on the latest silk painting course she attended. The design was drawn in metallic pen by the course tutor and then E chose and mixed her paint colours and painted away. She enjoyed the course so much and has taken such care with her paintings. It really does look stunning with the weeping silver birch backdrop.
 Youngest daughter made me this card at school - it features cotton wool steam (cute) and a picture of our cat Jack, who is no longer with us.
And inside is a tea bag (still not been used yet, saving it for a special cuppa to share with F as she loves to drink tea), along with a sun (always a sun in her drawings, funny really as I always used to draw the sun in my pictures when I was little) and extremely neat handwriting. I especially love the "Dear my Mum"!

Unfortunately my husband was unwell on Sunday (he's now feeling better) and was feeling very bad about not being able to cook the dinner and do all the odd jobs that keep the house ticking over. I was not bothered in the slightest though as I had had such a lovely day on Saturday in London, so I was quite happy cooking the Sunday roast, sipping a glass of red and listening to Paul O'Grady on Radio 2.

I also got one last present, which I chose and ordered a few days before.

I bought some of this wool at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year with a view to making a blanket to go over the back of the sofa (to hide lots of claw marks where the cat used to sleep) but I bought up what they had left and have needed to buy the rest ever since. I decided it was time to buy this wool before it becomes discontinued or difficult to find. It looks quite wirey in real life but is actually quite soft. I will make a start on this once the chevron blanket is done, although that might be at the height of summer, which may not be such a good idea with such thick wool. We'll see.

My Mum's Mother's Day present arrived yesterday - it's a bird feeding station with various hooks to hang several bird feeders from. I am hoping it fits together easily (let me know Mum if you need me to come over and help) and will soon attract more birds to her garden.

Right, I have a very busy week ahead of me - will report back soon. x


  1. Beautiful silk painting- I thought it was stained glass! I am also craving more crochet throwyness for the sofa...daft time of year to want to start though- that's just me I guess!

  2. Did your 9yr old do that silk painting?!!

  3. Yes - she painted it herself (in between the lines) and she blended colours too. It was her second silk painting course so she has got quite into it. A lot more artistic than me!

  4. Your cards are great ... I still get a home-made one from my daughter who is 21 and doing Art at Uni! Your daughter too seems to be very artistic. Creativity must run in your family.

  5. Wow the painting and the card that your daughters made are beautiful. It sounds like you had a lovely day apart from your poor hubby being sick.

    We celebrate mothers day on a completely different day here which is always confusing and means that I always to forget to send my poor mum something. Whoops.