Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Enjoying the garden

 The weather has been glorious round our neck of the woods so we have been spending all our time outside, making the most of it and discovering the garden again. I was chatting to our neighbour this afternoon and she offered me some blackcurrant bushes, as they have far too many and were overrun with blackcurrants last year. Apparently her grandchildren enjoyed some homemade blackcurrant cordial as she couldn't think what else to make with it. Looking forward to growing my own, along with the raspberries we discovered late last summer growing behind lots of weeds along the fence.
 Here are some lily of the valley just starting to come into bud.
 Our neighbour's oak tree. The leaves are such a vibrant colour at the moment.
 In amongst the weeds on the veg patch are some rhubarb and bluebells. Bit of an odd combo but anything goes. I might make some rhubarb fool at the weekend.
 As you can see, our garden is anything but perfect. I found these gorgeous flowers growing in a faded old bucket. My eldest daughter saved them last year when we were clearing the way for the decking. The wicker hanging basket will not be getting any attention this year! The bluebells are popping up everywhere, even in between the paving slabs.
Evening sunshine across the front lawn. Yes, it's not perfect but I am really enjoying the garden this week. x


  1. Gorgeous garden, I love it when nature just keeps going and growing despite neglect and concrete!
    I am still best at growing dandelions!
    ps linked back to your blog in a reply post to your lovely comment-thanks for commenting x C

  2. Isn't nature wonderful. How lucky to get some blackcurrant bushes and rhubarb fool sounds just the thing for this beautiful weather! Enjoy your gardening x