Friday, 11 March 2011

Using up leftovers

Well the weather has been strange this week - warm (10 degrees) and sunny one moment and windy, cold and rainy the next. The school run this morning was grey and rainy but an hour later it is glorious sunshine. Just as well as I need to hoover out the car - the glamour of my life! Anyway, I thought I would pop by to show you the results from using up the rest of the Stylecraft yarn. Actually, I thought I would pop by on Wednesday, but there were slight problems with uploading photos (I got quite annoyed after failing to upload them after four attempts so thought I would leave it for another day.)

Above is a photo of me sewing on some vintage buttons to the cushion I made - look, it's a granny stripe cushion to match youngest daughter's granny stripe blanket - it looks beautiful on the end of her bed.
But on the reverse, it is a large granny square cushion to match her granny square blanket. Two cushions for the price of one! My new chair is coming in handy for staging lots of photos. I am sure I will be sad to see it go into the garden. Still trying to sort out seat cushions for it - I had an idea of recycling an old single duvet so I cut out two cushion shapes and zigzagged round the edges and sat on them to see how comfy they were but unfortunately the polyester filling is very slippery to sit on - who would have thought it? - so I bought a cushion pad from John Lewis but this also seems to have the same problem. I don't want to get a feather cushion pad as I am worried about it getting wet, even though I am planning to waterproof the cushion covers. What do you think? I always prefer feather cushions as I find them more comfortable.  
I have another mini crochet project on the go at the moment. I am hoping to finish it this weekend. My daughter goes to a music lesson on Friday after school with her friends and it is my turn to take them, which means I will have just over an hour to sit and crochet whilst listening to 7-10 year olds playing their violins. Luckily for my ears, they are surprisingly good, considering most of them have only played since September last year. Once that little project is finished, I will be planning my next blanket. I have already bought the yarn but I just need to finalise the design.

This weekend will see us going to a 40th birthday party. It is also kind of a leaving party too as the birthday girl and her husband and son are moving to Australia in a couple of months. It is also my eldest daughter's birthday this weekend so I will be making a cake on Saturday and we will be in full celebration mode on Sunday. She is so excited about being 10. We are all going to be shattered by Sunday night! Have a great weekend, whatever you are doing. x


  1. The cushion looks fab, you really have done a great job of it.

    Wish Eve a happy birthday, I will drop her card off over the weekend.

    Have a good one.


  2. I expect the party is in full swing by now and I hope it's going well for you all. Love all your crocheting, it's so colourful and uplifting, just what you need on a day like today - a bit of rain, a lot of cloud ...