Thursday, 24 March 2011

New project

 Remember when I bought my Habitat Exmouth cushion and I was inspired to crochet a blanket using the same colours? A blanket which could be wrapped around us on a summer's evening whilst sitting out on the decking, reading a book or chatting (or crocheting perhaps?!). Well, I could not resist and went in search of some cotton yarn in just the right colours. I looked at quite a few different brands but was struggling to find a brand with the full range of bright colours that I needed. But...
 I found Rico Essentials Cotton DK at the bargainous price of £1.50 per 50g ball. It is mercerised cotton so has a slight sheen to it and it works up beautifully, just the odd splitting of the yarn here and there, but not annoying to use at all. I am really pleased with the colours I managed to get. Some are not exactly the same as on the cushion but tone in beautifully and I can't wait for this blanket to be finished so I can use it.
 Here's how far I have got. It is worked in a chevron pattern, which I have been wanting to try for a while, after completing an Attic24 ripple blanket. The pattern I found online stated using double crochet but I have been using the half treble crochet stitch instead, just because I'm awkward like that! I have to say this has been a tricky pattern to do, especially with constant interruptions. Counting in 14's is not easy when people keep asking you questions, but I am getting there with the odd mistake along the way. I am picking it up at every available opportunity and I get the feeling it will be finished fairly quickly. It's really nice to use such bright colours and also to use a different type of yarn.

Anyway, before I go I just wanted to update you on my mini crochet project that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks Cuckoo for reminding me about this - I had completely forgotten that I hadn't taken a photo, probably because it is not made up into a cushion yet - cushion pad has been bought so there are no excuses now.
It's a bobble stitch cushion cover (another cushion I hear you say - and grey!) worked in Stylecraft DK. I got the pattern from the Compendium of Crochet Techniques, which my lovely Mum bought me for Xmas. I really enjoyed making this - very quick to do once I had mastered how to do the bobbles. My first attempts were fairly miniscule so I used double treble crochet instead of just treble crochet. I did have a go at doing coloured bobbles (which the pattern in the book suggested) with the grey background but the colours just didn't seem to gel, as my eldest so helpfully pointed out! Soon we won't be able to move in our house because of cushions and blankets. I have plans to sell some, don't worry.

Enjoy the weather wherever you are - hope it is sunny and brightens your day. xx


  1. Hi Juliab! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. You have a really lovely blog here. I love your ripple project...the colours are fantastic x

  2. Nice blanket, will look fab in the summer wrapped around my shoulders, whilst supping a nice cuppa!

    You have made great progress with all your projects. Well done you.

    See you soon.


  3. Lovely crochet work, I must say I'm addicted to grey too but the rainbow colours are so sunshiney and cheerful.

    Enjoy the weekend x

  4. After seeing so many bobbles around I'm tempted to try them out too. Looks lovely in your grey. Know what you mean about finding the right cotton. Even when I find the right colours they all seem to be shiny or my favourites get discontinued. So so annoying as cotton seems to be the one we all prefer working with.

    Hope your sleepover goes well and they're asleep by midnight!


  5. Hi Juliab, popped over from Apples and Pears...lovely blog you have! Your work is bright and colorful, that yarn is delicious. I am actually starting to appreciate the various shades of grey and am also working on a few pillows myself! Your bobble cushion is going to be lovely. Have a great week :-) Josie