Tuesday, 22 March 2011

More cushions

 I bought the above cushion in the M&S online sale (they also did a matching throw - sadly, both are now out of stock). I loved it so much that I ordered it without checking the size. It was intended for the garden furniture but it is 50cm square and kind of swamps the chairs. I was going to return it as I couldn't find anywhere else in the house where it would go, but in the end I just couldn't as I love it so much. So I plonked it on top of the pile of floor cushions in the corner of the lounge and there it has stayed (still with the price tag on - must snip that off). I am quite happy with it there as it really goes well with the recycled newspaper woven baskets which hole the Wii/DS games. I am sure the kids will find it useful for lolloping on the floor whilst playing.
I also got this cushion from ebay. It is vintage bark cloth (I have a serious soft spot for bark cloth) and it's beautifully made. This one is definitely going on the garden furniture. Looking forward to some sunny weather, glass of white wine and some crochet time out on the decking. Just need the temperature to raise by about 10 degrees - not too much to ask?!


  1. Cushion love is a disease and very common, almost never found in a man. Funny that.

  2. Ooooh, cushions! The bark one is my fave. Thanks for visiting today. laura x

  3. Hellooo! You can never have too many cushions, you were right to keep it.

    I'm loving all your colourful crochet, how're you getting on with your bobble cushion cover? I'm trying to finish all my WiPs so I can get on with a cream bobble blanket to go with my other one. I don't get much done though, arms full of gorgeous baby, I can't put him down, I adore cuddling him!