Monday, 17 January 2011

Shopping and DIY

 Are you fed up with winter yet? I am and we've still got at least 2 months to go until any hope of Spring. We did get about ten minutes of sunshine today though, so that was welcome, even if it did highlight all the dust in the lounge - oops. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we decided it would be quite nice to have a shelf in the hall to keep car keys and newly received post on. My wonderful husband had the drill out this weekend (changing a door round in the kitchen) so I asked very nicely whether he could fit this Ikea shelf in the hall. We had three of these shelves in the lounge of our old house. The other two will be going in my eldest daughter's room. I think this shelf is going to be really handy and it clears some space on the desk in the dining area, below.
 What a boring photo! This isn't really a desk, it's a console table - we wanted to maximise the space and as the computer is fairly compact, we decided a console would be perfect. Excuse the mound of computer/printer/cables in the corner. We are currently looking for a storage solution for these. These things take time...
Yesterday, we decided to go to Habitat to see what was left in the sale. Wow, half the shop was covered in sales merchandise and a lot of it wasn't greatly reduced. I don't think they have had such a great year and I would imagine they won't shift the excess stock any time soon unless they reduce the prices by another 25%. Anyway, I managed to get this vase which is really chunky and heavy at the bargain £6, one of the few bargains to be had. I also got an aqua china platter at a very reasonable £3.60 and a white melamine storage jar for just over £4. Apologies for the odd placement of the vase - I needed a darkish background to show up the etching on the glass so it ended up on the floor in front of the door!

I also felt very creative over the weekend and ended up making loads of crocheted flowers from the beautiful book I bought a while ago. Today I have been trying out my Christmas present, the dressmaker's dummy. I have really had fun with it and have nearly finished the garment I am making (not the coat, I am going to ease myself in gently before embarking on that project). Will update you soon. x

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  1. Funny how something like a shelf can make such a difference!! Love that vase, must get myself down to Habitat. I got a voucher through today for an addtional 10% off all sale prices from Jan 20 - 31st, so if there is anything you were after but didn't get, let me know and I will check out my local Habitat.