Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year clean up

Usually, blogs tend to only show carefully staged photos, only perfect scenarios. Well, life isn't always perfect so I now present my daughters' bedrooms:
 The kids have finally gone back to school after 3 weeks off for Xmas. They were ready 20 mins early this morning, eager to see their friends. And now it is left to me to deal with the aftermath - above is youngest daughter's bedroom, which was tidied by me 2 days ago. Messy again.
 Here are two photos of eldest daughter's room - she normally keeps her room relatively tidy but not this time.
So I have a busy day ahead of me - cleaning, tidying and sorting through unwanted toys/books. I soo don't want to start but I will feel so much better when everything is back to normal. xx


  1. These photos make me feel so much better. I am despairing with my children's rooms at the moment. How they get them so messed up in such a short amount of time is beyond me.

    Good luck with the clean up!

  2. One room down, one to go. It took me 3 hours on Friday to do a complete tidy and clean one bedroom, and sort through which toys to take to the charity shop. I will be doing the same again tomorrow for eldest daughter's room. Hopefully, things won't get in such a bad state again - not likely though!

  3. I have this task looming so I feel for you.