Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Another project

I went charity shop shopping with my friend Alison, after a wonderful trip to a fabric shop - we could have stayed in that shop all day - followed by coffee and cake at a gorgeous cafe. Alison bought some beautiful fabric for a quilting course she has started and I got this fab yarn from the charity shop - who could say no at just over £1 for two 100g balls? Of course, I have already started making something - I'm not entirely sure what it is going to be yet - maybe a cushion cover (how many cushions can one house need?!) maybe a small throw. I seem to have a scatter gun approach to projects - I always seem to have several on the go at any one time and some don't get finished for many years (the coat - ahem). I never seem to be able to settle with one project from start to finish, without being inspired to make something else at the same time. Do you have this problem too? I suppose that's the downside of reading so many blogs written by creative people - they are always inspiring me to have a go at something new.

I have nearly finished the garment I am making - hopefully this evening I will get a chance to complete it. Hopefully..

PS. I really must stop buying grey things - do you find your eye is always drawn to things that are the same colour? Grey is definitely the colour for me at the moment, must have something to do with the weather.


  1. Come on chop chop, get that hook working, I expect to see it finished by Friday! It was definitely the bargain of the day.

    Thanks for Alex's card and money he was very pleased.

    See you Friday.


  2. Bargain!

    If you have a spare £5oo I will make you a quilt!


  3. Hmmm, spare £500? I haven't got a spare fiver! If I win the lottery, I will be in contact.

  4. I have real trouble finishing things. I have almost finished sewing a tunic which took me months but I can't bring myself to hem it - isn't that silly?

    I love grey and I'm always drawn to it whatever the weather.

    Happy weekend!

  5. More lottery musings? Mmmmm. PS - I like your pics - what about adding to your skills with a photography course? You won't need much make already great pictures even better.