Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Trip to Ikea

 OK, It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas but unfortunately I am forcing you to look at the above photo because I found these candlesticks in Ikea and thought they would look fab on the table at Christmas. Very festive, even though I am trying not to think of that time of year as it always sends me into a panic pre-November. I love Xmas but I don't love the shopping/preparing/build up to it. I will not mention Xmas again until December, I promise.
 The real reason we went to Ikea was to buy some blinds for the folding doors. We still don't have any blinds or curtains up in the lounge. Just as well we are not overlooked. The blinds are still in their packaging as my husband is still not feeling 100% so they will be put up once he feels better. I have also ordered a light fitting for the lounge, which is being delivered this week, so that will be another job for him to do. Poor love.
And yet another job is fitting these very minimal (and very cheap at £3.99 each) DVD storage racks. We needed something to fit to the wall as we had no more floor space by the tv and I love the fact that these are so simple (and soooo cheap - gotta love a bargain!).

My sister is coming over this weekend. She lives abroad so I don't get to see her that often. I am so excited I can't wait!! We are going to look at wedding venues as she is getting married next year. I just know we are going to have the best time. Hope everyone else has some fun plans for the weekend, even if it is just to veg out with a takeaway and bottle of wine. Wow, can't believe I am already talking about the weekend - it's only Tuesday. And it's half term next week - double excitement! x

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  1. Oh gosh, it's fatal for me to go to IKEA - I always see so many things that I want to buy. My husband is working for half of this weekend and the other half is to be taken up with ballet class and a football game - I will definitely fit in a glass or two of wine though.

    Hope you have a lovely time with your sister. It's hard being apart but the reunions are so much fun aren't they.