Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Rainbow Blanket

 You may remember seeing a bit of this blanket in my holiday photos - well it is finally finished! I am really pleased with the end result. The wool is so soft and snuggly (as my youngest will testify - she was sat on my lap this weekend with the blanket wrapped around her whilst I was still crocheting it) and the colours are so bright. It is perfect in her bedroom.
 I get the feeling this blanket won't stay neat and tidy on that bed for long.
 Here is a close up of those vibrant colours. I tried to match the colours to the rest of the colours in her room but a few more snuck in for good measure.
The size of the blanket is not quite a square - wide enough to go over her duvet but not long enough to cover the whole bed. It is just the right size to wrap herself in when she is watching tv or reading a book. Perfect. I have plenty of wool left over so I am about to start on a blanket as a Xmas present (hope that gets finished in time) and I am sure I will have some more wool left over to make something else aswell. I also bought some wool, and lots of other bits and pieces, at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace on Friday. This means there are loads of projects on the go at the moment. I will post about them soon.


  1. Two lots of stunning to say to you from over here. The blanket looks wonderful, bet you're thrilled you finished it. As for the light in your room and the parquet floor, so much work, but it looks absolutely worth it.
    Hope you don't ache too much.


  2. Oh this is beautiful. I love the rainbow colors. After a long hiatus, I did pick up my crochet hook again and I'm back working on my granny squares (http://chasingrabbitsdownholes.blogspot.com/2010/09/blog-post.html) so I hope to have a finished blanket soon.

    Looking forward to seeing your other projects!

  3. That is so lovely and very vibrant and colourful and I love that it fits nicely across the bottom of the bed.

    Nina x