Saturday, 16 October 2010


 Here are some of the things I bought from the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace last week. I found some bargain merino wool for £2 per 50g ball, and some green mohair at £2 per 25g ball. I think I will be making scarves ready for the cold weather, which really is upon us now. I'd better get a move on! I also bought a bag of leather scraps as I have been meaning to have a go at sewing with leather for a while now. Not entirely sure what I will make - maybe some jewellery or to decorate a cushion? The cute balloon buttons will be used to decorate a bag, and the ergonomic crochet hook was purchased out of curiosity. I am please to confirm that it is ultra comfortable to use and I definitely need to buy more in different sizes.

 These Liberty fabrics were £1 each but they are tiny - just long strips which are supposed to be used to make fabric necklaces with beads threaded on, but I think I will use them to edge some tote bags I am planning to make.
 I got these giant 25mm knitting needles from the charity shop a while ago. I knew they would come in handy.  I have had a quick go at knitting with them - they are quite a challenge as I kept dropping one because they're quite heavy, even though they are hollow. Just as well I am only making a scarf. Do you recognise that cushion?
Yes, after finishing the crochet ages ago, I finally got round to making it into a cushion cover. I need to make some more cushions to go with it on that sofa. It is looking rather lonely at present.

We are having a lazy day today as my husband is feeling very poorly - he is bunged up with a cold and is currently having an afternoon nap. The kids have been crafting, playing cards and are currently watching Shrek. The tortoises have also been let out today for a little wander around the lounge - they quite enjoyed climbing in and around the Littlest Pet Shop toys. We will be having a quiet night in watching X Factor and having an early night. Tomorrow we are off into town as my youngest has a party to go to so my eldest and I will be having a girly shopping trip. Oh to be 9 years old again... Hope you all have lovely weekends. x

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  1. Hi Julia

    I think you were quite restrained, I'm sure If I went to such an event, I'd have armfuls!

    Nice crochet cushion, I've just made an experimental chunky granny square, possibly for a cushion?

    Hope your hubby feels better soon x