Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Relaxing in the garden

Well, not exactly relaxing, but we did carry out some much needed jobs in the garden this weekend. Firstly, my lovely husband dug up the remains of the shrubs where our decking is going. I started on the pruning (my all time favourite gardening job - I love a bit of destruction!) and this is the pile that appeared within the space of half an hour...

The shrubs are no more - there was no point trying to save them in the end as they were so woody and old.

All the conifers that I started pruning were hacked down with the help of a saw and axe. There's now just a bit of superficial weeding to do and the site will be cleared and ready for the builders, who are coming on Monday to make a start.

Look at this little fellow. We found him along with his Mum and brother/sister underneath one of the conifers. Don't worry, they have set up camp further along the fence.

This is a shot of our gigantic hedge in our front garden. Just think how big the pile will be when we dig all of those up. I think we will be doing it in stages and we are very lucky that some relatives with a digger and trailer have offered to help. Just as well.

I have already made a start on plans for decorating the lounge. Will let you know soon.


  1. You did well to shift that lot, well done.

  2. Was trying to leave a comment on your latest post but for some reason tha comment box wouldn't load so..
    Love the fabrics and am really looking forward to seeing the end result especially the pouffe.