Friday, 10 September 2010

Packing material

Ok, so the packing up of the lounge has started and it is so depressing packing boxes that I only unpacked 9 months ago. Ho hum, it has to be done so that we can get the lounge looking just how we want it. So above is a photo of the fabrics I have been squirrelling away for a while. The brown/cream geometric fabric (which as you can see is reversible) was bought from a charity shop about a year ago. I honestly didn't know what I would use this for but now it will definitely be cushions - the big question is - cream on brown or brown on cream? Can't decide. The top left fabric is very textured and is a gorgeous champagne silver colour. It is a very thick sturdy fabric so I think this will be used for floor cushions. The middle two fabrics were bought from Ikea last week. These will be used to make tablecloths and hopefully some napkins if I have enough fabric left over. The two fabrics on the right were from the fabric offcuts section in John Lewis. These will be ideal for making plain cushions to go behind patterned ones on the sofas. I also need some of this fabric to make the cushion cover for the crocheted cushion I have been making - I know, still not finished that project yet.

I am feeling like I need to add a splash of colour as everything is looking very muted. I was thinking a nice green/mustard colour. Still looking for something perfect (ebay has some good stuff at the mo but the budget is miniscule as I know how much all the paint is going to cost).

In an ideal world, I would love to have a couple of lobster pot stools as additional seating but these are becoming very expensive. I have decided I will have a go at making a pouffe. I have found a tutorial online and I have a couple of old duvets which could be used

Look who I found sleeping in the last suitcase to be packed with books (we ran out of boxes and the suitcases were still out from our holiday - needs must). Jack has been to the V E T this morning for a blood pressure check and blood tests. I think he was glad to be home and decided to have a nap in what he now believes is his new and very special bed. The receptionist at the vets has grown to love Jack as he has been having quite a few visits over the past few months. I heard her talking to him when I went to collect him (so sweet) and she told me how much he enjoyed a cuddle with her earlier. Obviously it has been a quiet day at the vets! Anyway, he is happy, I am not so happy after paying the three figure bill but at least he is looking well. Anyway, off to do more packing.

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