Tuesday, 7 September 2010

La Belle France

Yes, we are back from a beautiful holiday in France and we are feeling so much more relaxed, even though we didn't have the most peaceful of holidays (the campsite was very noisy at night time, but on the whole it was a lovely place to stay). We went to the beach which was gorgeous and so clean. My youngest did some fishing with her little net and we generally just sat enjoying the view and trying not to get burnt.

Of course I had to do some crochet whilst we were away (with a bottle of beer on the go obviously!) and I am halfway through my Attic 24 granny stripe blanket, which is for my youngest daughter's bed. I am so pleased with how it is coming along - very quick and easy to do, although I haven't touched it since we got back so must do a few rows tonight in front of the tv.

Notice the bag in the photo - I had to make a bag to take it on holiday with as I didn't have a bad big enough to carry 16 100g balls of wool. I took a pattern off a Tesco Cath Kidston tote bag and just made it a few inches taller. Job done.

On our only rainy day on holiday, we decided to go to the town of Saintes which has a Roman amphitheatre. We were very impressed with what we saw as we only expected to find a grass mound. It was very cheap to get in too. Our eldest was very interested in it as she has been studying Romans at school, but our youngest only took an interest in the lizards that now live there.

All in all, we had a fantastic holiday with so many delicious meals. I ate seafood virtually every night, which suited me perfectly. We are home bodies though so we were so pleased to get back and sleep in our own comfortable bed. The girls are back at school and settling in well with their new classes. I have done all the washing and ironing and now I am on a big packing mission - I need to completely clear the lounge/diner as the builders are coming on Monday to start work. I am really hoping we get a indian summer so we can appreciate the new folding doors/decking before it gets too cold. Will post again soon with updates of the garden.


  1. The colours in your blanket are beautiful. Oh dear now I'll have to add this blanket as a project to my ever growing list. My son would have loved the amphitheatre as he's very into Romans too.

  2. Hello Julia

    Isnt France the best?
    If you are looking for a great campsite have a look here http://www.yellohvillage.co.uk/camping/la_plage

    Its actually more of a holiday camp, but its right on a lush beach, its well worth the money!


  3. Thanks for the campsite recommendation Clare. We are thinking we may go to Brittany next year so that the drive is shorter!