Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Crewel obsession

I bought a book over a year ago on crewel embroidery. It has sat, along with lots of embroidery wool from the charity shop, in a project bag in the wardrobe. I have always meant to have a go but never had the inclination to just go for it and deal with any disastrous results. Having only ever concentrated on tapestries in the past, I thought it was going to be tricky and too fiddly for my lack of patience. Then I saw the perfect kit was on sale and had to order it.

It came all the way from across the pond from this lovely lady. It arrived when we were on holiday so it was a much needed treat when I got home ( a 12 hour flight including travel sickness from one of my daughters kind of did me in. I could have kissed the tarmac once we'd landed!).

I am really really having fun with this crewel kit. It is so easy and quick to work up. Makes a nice change from crochet, which I've found the weather is still a bit too hot to have a crochet blanket in progress on my lap. A nice embroidery hoop and a tiny bit of woollen thread works out much better at this time of year.

I was just lamenting the lack of crewel kits available in the UK - either on ebay or in charity shops when I popped out and what did I find?

You couldn't get more Granny Chic if you tried and all for £1. Included is the printed fabric, needle and embroidery thread. It looks like it hasn't ever been removed from its packaging. Can't wait to get started on it, although I must finish the current one first. Must also start looking for an appropriately sized picture frame in the charity shops too.

Here is my Crewel work project bag, stuffed with hoops and wool, all bought at bargain prices. This kind of stuff always seems to be ultra cheap in the charity shops, you just have to rummage around to find it though. Right, must get on. I have been doing much needed housework this morning and now it's time to sit back with a cup of tea and relax. Holiday photos next post. x


  1. Bargain! I bought a book and all the equipment to do some ribbon embroidery several years ago .. and haven't touched that. Best intentions and all that, perhaps one day I shall take a leaf out of your book and pick it up again.
    Enjoy your embroidery. (and thanks for your lovely comment x)

  2. My grandmother used to make that kind of embroidery a lot. I still have a few set of sheets and bathroom robes, pure old linen, the kind you can't find anymore, all embroidered like that. Amazing. You'll find the time to give a go to your projects, I'm sure!

  3. Hello Julia
    I just wish they had more charity shops here! I pick up such bargains when I go back to the UK. Your embroidery is looking really lovely. It is quite vivid isn't it ...a splash of colour on the canvass.......beautiful!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)