Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Apple for the teacher

Well, it's that time of year again - what to buy for the teacher? I decided I would make some apple coasters using some leftover cotton yarn. They turned out really well after blocking and sewn on pips! It was an extremely quick and easy pattern too, only just under ten minutes to crochet each apple (minus the leaf). I've already had a request for some apple bunting. I found the pattern here. It's free and so quick and easy to follow. I went in search of a mug to go with the coasters and found this fab green one which kind of looks like a big juicy green apple. I bunged a couple of walnut whips in for good measure. As you do. I really hope the teacher likes her gift, F so enjoyed having her as her teacher.
One of F's other teachers is due to give birth to her second child in August so I have plans to make something. I made her first child this blanket. I don't know what she is having this time so I will have to wait and see and then quickly crochet something ready for September so I can pass it on. I have a pattern in mind if she has a girl but F thinks she is having a boy. Who knows?!
Lots of things have been happening recently - we decorated our bedroom and got new carpet (yes, the ugly purple shagpile has gone, you cannot understand how ecstatic I am about that), I have made a couple of dresses and crocheted quite a few little bits and pieces. We are going on holiday soon, a trip to Singapore to see my sister and brother in law. Yes, they moved from Hong Kong to Singapore, how convenient for us! So so so looking forward to seeing them and it will be great to have a holiday so soon after school breaks up - we usually have our holiday at the end of the Summer holidays. We are definitely ready for it.
I think we are going to be quite spontaneous these Summer holidays, we will just see what we fancy doing as each day comes. There is only a 2 year age gap between my two but they increasingly seem to want to do different things. Will have to see where our imaginations take us. I would like to go on some picnics by the river (weather permitting) and strawberry picking has also been mentioned but I think we are a bit late for that this year. We would have gone over the past few days but the weather was just too hot. Cinema is always a winner especially when it's raining, we've also got our swimming pool up which has been in constant use over the past three weeks. Not sure how much use we will get out of it for the rest of the Summer but we'll see. xxx

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  1. What great coasters, I bet they loved them. Very original gift.