Sunday, 29 April 2012

Stripes and Hexagons

Such awful weather we are having recently, but perfect for snuggling up on the sofa, cup of tea close by and a new crochet project to keep me busy. This stripey gorgeousness is a baby blanket for some good friends of ours whose baby is due in exactly a month's time. They decided not to find out what they are having so a multi coloured blanket was in order. What better than to have lots of bright stripes - stripes that are quick and simple to crochet, no pattern to remember just backwards and forwards, remembering to change the colour every three rows. I am loving making this blanket and will be sad to see it go, it definitely cheers me up during these dull grey and rainy days.

I have been using Rico Creative Cotton which I have not used before but I love it. I bought it from Cucumber Patch who are selling it at the bargain price of £1.75 per 50g ball. Their service is fantastic too, the yarn arrived in super quick time. As you can see, I have used quite a few colours, some bright and some dark. I had to buy a couple more balls of darker colours as the blanket was starting to look a little too bright for my liking and the navy and purple seem to ground the other colours. These photos don't really show the real life colours of these blankets, something to do with lack of light around here. I'll try to get some sunshine shots of this blanket before I give it away.

The pattern I have used for this is the Bella Dia Vintage Stripe blanket. I've used this pattern before for another baby blanket but this time, instead of trebles I am half trebling my way along these stripes, which gives a more close knit finish. Also, if you decide to use this pattern, only do the two trebles into the last stitch if you are changing the colour for the next row.

As you can see from the above photo, I have some white yarn too which is going to be a border around the stripes. I was inspired by this blanket. I love the way it has pale and dark colours as well as the brights, all surrounded by a crisp white border. This blanket is sure going to be difficult to give away. Just as well I have some of the wool left over, not much though - maybe enough for a small lap blanket or another blanket for Gerard!

I have been persevering with the hexagons but it's tough going. I just don't like the stopping and starting every few minutes. I am contemplating making some half hexagons (if that's possible) to make straight edges down two of the sides and rippling off the remaining two zig zag edges. Does anyone know if this would be possible or am I creating more work for myself? I have set this project to one side for now, until I finish the baby blanket anyway.

I do like these colours together though - completely unexpected how well they all look close up.

Right, my husband has just plonked a cup of tea down next to me and I have one coloured stripe left to crochet on the baby blanket before I embark on the border, so I'd better get going. x


  1. I love your hexagon blanket - even if it is a bit stop start. The colours look fabulous together. Your cotton stripy blanket is fab too - what an amazing gift! The cotton was a bit of a coup a that price!

  2. Hello! Love the stripy loveliness - it's going to look gorge. I'm in a similar situation - a very good friend of mine is due to have a baby next week and she hasn't found out what it is, so I've made a 'neutral' blanket (though, I hope she has a boy, cos it's turned out more boyish than girlish).
    Re the hexagons, I say persevere - you're not up against a deadline with it, so it doesn't matter if it takes you years! When I made my hexagon blanket, I cobbled together half hexagons, which ended up a bit wibbly, but I've seen something on Pinterest (think via Cuckoo) that shows how to fill in the gaps so that you end up with a straight edge - might be worth a search?
    Hope the cuppa was good!
    Emily x

  3. I love those colors on the blanket, so pretty and cheery!...Have a wonderful week and hopefully the weather will improve.

  4. Yo!

    I would just take your time with the hexy blanket. It is so gorgeous. It would be a shame to rush it just to get it done as you might not like it so much if it's not how you'd imagined.

    That baby blanket is so lovely. I wasn't so sure about the white border but having clicked the link I can see it will look perfect with the white border.

    Me and rico didn't get on very well. I found it so splitty!


  5. Hello - just wanted to say Hi as I too love crochet, sewing, and have a tortoise - Gerald!

    Best wishes


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) Gerald is a Leopard and about 4. I 'adopted' him when I met my boyfriend, I was a little sceptical at first but now find him very amusing and he definitely has a great little personality!

  6. Lovely lovely blankets!!! The hexagons are amazing, stick with it and you will have a beauty at the end of all your hard work xxxx

  7. I really like the blanket with the stripes!!!
    xxxx Alessandra