Friday, 20 May 2011

How to...

 My youngest daughter is feeling poorly today - bad cold and certainly not well enough to go to school. Unfortunately she is therefore missing Hot Dog Friday at school today so I felt we had to push the boat out for lunch today. Here's my 'How to cheer up a poorly seven year old' guide.

Firstly, take some left over tortilla wraps (I prefer corn tortillas but any will do) and spread with passata mixed with dried oregano and seasoning. Sprinkle over some grated cheddar (or whatever cheese you have handy in the fridge) and bung on toppings of your choice. We had pepperoni. Cook at 200 degrees c for 8 minutes.
 Take out of oven, slice each tortilla pizza into four and slide onto a serving plate. Take into lounge with napkins and drinks.
 Sit on sofa and demolish pizza with abandon whilst watching Nanny McPhee 2. Eat some crisps.
 Previously prepared blueberry and chocolate muffins - left on rack to cool whilst cooking pizza. Dish out a muffin each and...
enjoy with a cup of tea (or elderflower cordial if you are seven years old). Upload lots of photos of unhealthy food and make note to self to remember to eat some fresh fruit later on this afternoon.

Little one is feeling a bit better but she looks extremely tired. I am sure an early night tonight will do her the world of good.

Hope you all have a lovely relaxing weekend. I'll be back next week with a crochet post - no, I haven't finished the chevron blanket yet, nearly there though! x


  1. I thought nutrition didnt count when someone is poorly. The cakes and pizza look yummy. But I rather adore your triangle table- cool!
    Get well soon

  2. Poor bub - hope she's better now. I seem to remember that a day at home on the sofa works wonders when you're a poorly girl! (Can't do that now, I get any number of small children jumping on my head...)
    Emily x

  3. I hope she is feeling better today. Daisy has a stinking cold too, obviously something doing the rounds.

    I am going to give the pizza wraps a try tomorrow for lunch.

    See you next week.


  4. Hope little one is feeling better now - I quite fancy feeling under the weather at your house - you sure do get scrummy food
    love C xxxxxxxxx