Monday, 8 November 2010

Stars and Stripes

 Ok, only one stripe. Just thought I'd update you on some of my crochet projects, some finished and some just started. I began making the above blanket last weekend. I wanted to have a go at rippling but I had 2 large (400g each!) balls of cream aran wool which needed using up - yes you guessed it, another charity shop bargain. I thought an all-one-colour ripple blanket might work, but once I'd started I realised that it may need a little help, hence the blue stripe. I will do another blue stripe at the other end of the blanket and, depending on how I feel once it is finished, I may embellish it further. I am sort of liking this blanket but I'm not loving it as the wool is not particularly soft. Hopefully it will soften up in the wash. But I am really enjoying rippling and once I'd learned the basics (not helped by reading the instructions after a couple of glasses of wine!) it is really easy to do and very relaxing whilst watching rubbish on the TV. Such an exciting life I lead.
 This weekend I decided I would crochet some stars to make a Xmas garland (sorry, I said that word again) I used the star pattern on The Royal Sisters blog but I didn't do the last round as I didn't want the stars to be too big. I am really pleased with the colour combination - I used some wool left over from the rainbow stripe blanket.
 I just need to make a chain to hold the stars together and sew some decorations on. This will brighten up our non-fireplace this Xmas!
I finished these garlands a couple of weeks ago. Not a great photo but you may just be able to see a crocheted popcorn garland, which will adorn the Xmas tree, along with two lengths of crocheted ric-rac. Looks like there might be a theme developing this year, but hey I only learned to crochet earlier this year so everyone needs to indulge me. :)

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