Monday, 1 November 2010

Almost finished

 It's a fairly sunny day so I thought I would take some shots of the lounge. Still a few things to get done.

 The blinds are up - very pleased with them. Still no blinds on the front window though.
 The DVD racks are also up - very understated and neat and tidy. Although there is a large box of DVDs behind the sofa!
 The fireplace needs some work and there is some wood block flooring missing. We are searching for the flooring on Ebay and I will post about our plans for the fireplace soon.
 This is the view from the dining area.
Hope it's sunny where you are. x


  1. Hi Julia love the colour scheme, and that floor!

    Thanks for reminding me, and yes I was wearing my scarf!


  2. It looks lovely. I love the colors and I really really love the stags head on the wall.

    It's sunny but freezing here New York today. Hope it's warmer in good ol' Blighty.

    Happy Monday!

  3. It looks beautiful - such a lovely space and that floor 'oh my'

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  4. Thanks! Glad you can't see a close up photo of the floor - needs a bit more TLC.

  5. I adore that shade of blue. Beautiful.

    We have the same deer as you!

  6. Thanks Baglady, we had that shade of blue in our old dining room - you would have thought we would get fed up with it after 10 years but it's my favourite colour. The deer was sporting a spider on his nose for Halloween this year!

  7. What a beautiful home you are making!