Thursday, 27 September 2012

More charity shop finds

I bought this picture yesterday - it is a copy of a painting called Boats in blues and greens by Rutledge and it was apparently painted in 1966. It was £5 and I was quick to grab it and pay, before wandering around the shops carrying it with my Mum and sister. I was also asked a couple of times to see the painting and there was high praise indeed for it. I love it and am still wondering where abouts it will be hung up. Great colours, I feel another crochet blanket coming on...

These placemats were bought a while ago - 11 for £2. I think they are an old M&S design and my Mum still has the matching chopping board, which she keeps as a board for the kids to lean on when they want to do some drawing.

This fabric was from ebay - it's a vintage Sanderson design and I have about 3 metres of it. May make some cushions for the bedroom from it or maybe some bags.

I saw this Caroline's Home dollshouse at the charity shop at the beginning of the summer holidays. It was £10 including all the original furniture but I didn't buy it as I though my kids wouldn't like it (they don't normally like old stuff). I mentioned it to E and said that it was a 1970s style house and she asked to go round and see it. She absolutely loved it and bought it with her own money. The furniture has been rearranged many times and it is now looking for a permanent home for display in our house. E has suggested behind the sofa so I am now tracking down a long narrow coffee table for it to perch on.

Oh who left the loo lid up?

Dad's got his feet up watching tv again!

And we didn't get him or the water pistol from the charity shop but I had to show you this photo of Gerard fast asleep, obviously dreaming about having a water pistol fight with the neighbouring cats. Gotta love him!


  1. I love the dolls house, bargain! Watch out neighbouring cats that's all I can say! Ada :)

  2. Fabulous finds, especially the dolls house.
    brilliant photo, it made me chuckle!
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  3. Love the doll house!


  4. Great bargains, particularly the dolls house I wouldn't mind playing with it myself!

  5. I love, really love, that print. It's stunning, and what a bargain.

  6. Great finds. Wow what a fab dollhouse! The picture is my fave tho