Monday, 23 July 2012


What can I say? Things got a little hectic what with end of term, my eldest going on a 5 day school trip and me losing the urge to blog. This is just a quick post to ease me in gently!

These photos were taken at the beginning of June, when it was still chilly enough to have a blanket on my lap. Gerard loves this blanket, even if it is still not finished - I started the border and have nearly finished it but I put it down 3 weeks ago and have not picked it up again since. In fact, I have not done much crochet at all, apart from an end of year present for F's violin teacher which I forgot to take a photo of (a red version of the skinny circles scarf I did a while ago).

If I do get some crochet done over the next few days, it will have to be a nice lightweight project as we have (drumroll please) finally got some decent weather. On Saturday it was sunny and warm and yesterday it was positively scorching. We spent the day putting the pool up as the weather is predicted to get hotter and stay nice all week. Even though there was only 4 inches of water in the pool whilst it was filling up, the girls were in there having the time of their lives, digging out more and more pool toys from the garage which they had forgotten about. Whilst they are playing in the pool this week I will be very close by, sanding down garden furniture and generally tidying up the garden. I may also be sat relaxing and drinking plenty of cold drinks or actually in the pool, braving the extremely cold water!

Gerard has been really enjoying the hot weather and has loved having us all outside to play with him. I do think that sometimes he is lonely being an only cat (he had cat flu before we got him and we were told we couldn't have another cat whilst we have Gerard) but he adores a little run around in the garden with us. Sometimes I think he is a dog - he chased a tennis ball yesterday! He also loves sitting in the most bizarre places, like in F's violin case (!) but alas he still hasn't sat in the little cat basket I made him. One day... Hope you are also getting some gorgeous weather where you are. Hope to blog again soon, lots to catch up on. xx


  1. hello, lovely to have you back x
    love your blanket and obviously gerrard does too!
    we have sunshine feels so exciting after all the terrible weather.
    have a great week
    love jooles x

  2. Hey Julia, Im so glad youre ok..I was wondering, and kept checking in to see if you had bloged. I'm glad the break was for busy reasons! My cat is more dog too but likes to squeeze himeself into tiny boxes..funny fellas arn;t they?