Friday, 8 June 2012

Growing blanket

From small acorns grow...

(look at the gorgeous sunshine in this photo - I had been sat in the shade as it was so hot. Just heavy rain and strong winds today.)

...over half way there...

...and onto the final few rows, until...'s finished - well, apart from sewing in three trillion ends and doing the border. At this point in time, I am desperately trying to like the ends so I don't have to deal with them!!

Have a wonderful weekend. x


  1. I always try to like the ends of any project!
    It's beautiful Julia
    fee x

  2. great work!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  3. Fantastic Julia - I really want to have a go at a diagonal blanket - perhaps by the autumn as I have a to do list as long as my arm. The ends will soon get sewn in and then you can whip up a lovely boarder. I always wonder whether to do one but blankets just look so much better when you do don't they?

  4. Wow, it looks fantastic and so unusual done on the diagonal. Great work.
    Love from Mum

  5. Looks great. Jules from little woollie made a blanket border that encapsulated all the yarn ends making it completely unnecessary to weave them in. Check out her blog to find out how she did it, it might save your sanity!
    xXx Helen

  6. That is so lovely, beautiful colours and I really love Gerard's basket too - much nicer than the Amazon box that my two sleep in, you make me feel a little guilty now!

  7. Julia, I'm so sorry, I forgot to reply to your question about the Jubilee fabric. I bought it from a local shop but when I went back not long ago it had all gone. If they get any more in for the Olympics I'll let you know if you like x

  8. That blanket is actually amazing. I a bit more crochet practice and try something other than granny squares. You have inspired me. X x x

  9. Love the colour combo :) have you finished it yet?