Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New bed

We ordered most of our Christmas shopping online so had a few boxes arrive during December. Somebody is very happy with his new bed (and he really really enjoyed several helpings of turkey. I think he has put on some weight over Christmas!). In case you were wondering, the tortoises are in the beer fridge hibernating. I checked on them this morning and they seem to be all ok. Just another month and I can wake them up. :)


  1. Ha! tortoises in a beer fridge! Funny. Chipper Nelly has hers in the workshop fridge, wafts the door now and again so they don't suffocate. For some reason I find this amusing.

    My kids are currently sitting on the sofa in cardboard boxes, as you do, totally logical!


  2. Ahhh bless, he looks so cosy x
    we had several of those boxes husband has now officially banned me from amazon ;o(
    love jooles x

  3. Our kitties still sleep in their co-op egg boxes.
    Happy New Year to you x

  4. Hellooo!
    My kids spent a very happy half hour yesterday trying to fold themselves into a box full of those annoying polystyrene balls. Happy days...
    Emily x

  5. Those amazon boxes are sturdy arent they? After my sons played with ours I tried to tear it up for recycling- tough stuff! Tortoises in the beer fridge- lmao!

  6. Boxes are brilliant! My 6 yr old has been enjoying playing with the box our new washing machine came in.