Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cake and Crochet

Cake and crochet, oh and a Sunday roast at the pub. That's what summed up our weekend just gone. E offered to make a cake, which F had requested - a victoria sponge to be precise. E promptly decided that the cake needed Xmas decorations on and snow, lots of snow (in the form of sugar). The cake was yummy and lasted about 36 hours!! We then proceeded to go for a gigantic roast turkey dinner at a pub down the road. One portion would easily have fed two of us but it was delicious and we'll hopefully be going back again soon.

I also finished the crochet baby blanket that I was making for a teacher at the school.

Just big enough for going over a car seat or in a pram. I really enjoyed making this blanket - very quick and little attention required. I have been meaning to wash it this week, wrap it and send it into school to wait until the teacher visits. I found out earlier that said teacher and baby visited school today. Never mind, I am sure the blanket will find its way to her and her little bundle of joy in due course.

I have almost finished knitting my scarf - well, the knitting is done but I decided the ends needed some crochet embellishment. Will let you know how I get on with it, the ends may well stay plain and simple if the crochet fanciness doesn't work out. I have also finished crocheting all the squares for the Mollie Makes inspired blanket. The yarn arrived today for the joining of said squares so the long task will soon commence. I feel the need to finish off a few WIPS as they are definitely starting to build up.

And I couldn't go without showing you a certain little man's new favourite spot to sit. He kind of blends in doesn't he?

That's all for today, will be back again soon. x


  1. Ooh you'll want to watch those kitty claws on all that leather! Your blanket has turned out well hopefully your friend will get the blanket just in time for the colder weather. I'm impressed that your cake managed to last 36 hours! Mine would be eaten up in much less time, and it is only me and two little girls who eat cake!

  2. Loved your title post - two of my favourite things in one! I would make that my favourite chair if I had one - clever cat!

  3. Just to let you know that I have nominated you for an award. Hope you don't mind! Pop over to mine to take a look. Have a good weekend x

  4. Ooo I LOVE that chair. What a lovely blog! Please pop over for tea or a hello...